Kendall Jenner's Cosmetic Procedures: Before and After (carousel)

Kendall Jenner Surgical and Non-Surgical Cosmetic Treatments: Before After Kendall Jenner, the fourth sister in the ...

Kendall Jenner Surgical and Non-Surgical Cosmetic Treatments: Before After 

Kendall Jenner, the fourth sister in the Kardashian family, had different cosmetic treatments. People wonder, "Did Kendall Jenner have plastic surgery?" Kendal Jenner cosmetic surgery. 

Like her famous sisters Kim Kardashian, Khloé, and Kylie, Kendall faced rumors about surgery for years. These stories keep going in the media and vanity fair oscar party also in the party in beverly hills. She denied going under the knife. Kardashian and Kylie Jenner have lots of plastic surgery rumors. 


1- Nose Job

Kendall, who had her first surgery at the age of 16, preferred to have a natural nose done with Rhinoplasty. But she denied it. However, the change in the outer lines of the lower lateral cartilage at the tip is visible and shrunk. Kendall Jenner's nose job is very good, we like it! 

The bridge of the nose is smaller. The nose is not just about makeup and smiles. Jenner has a history of rhinoplasty.

kendall_jenner- skin problems

2- Skin Problems

Beverly Hills Beauty fought for a long time with skin problems. She occurred in her teenage years, and as you can guess, she won this battle. 

We can say that she achieved the smooth face she wanted with skin treatments and Skin Cares for many years. 

Some people criticized Kendall for her acne, but others praised her for not hiding it. "Never let that stop you!" they supported him. 

Years ago, Kendall fought these pimples. She said: "It really struck me, it completely destroyed my self-esteem no matter how self-conscious I was about it,” she wrote on her blog in 2015." 

“I wouldn't even look at her face when talking to people. I felt excluded; My hand was covering my face when I spoke. Sure, I fell in love in high school, but I wouldn't even consider looking at boys."


3- Nasolabial Filler

Nasolabial is the name given to the parallel line extending from the nose to the edges of the lips. Kendall eliminated this line by having a Nasolabial Filler. 

She attended the Hunger Games premiere screening in 2012. We were jealous back then and we still are now. Our faces change as we go through puberty, and it's clear that these changes are happening in Kendall. 

There were less than 12 months between these two events, and Kendall looked more mature in the second photo. We honestly do not think that she had nasolabial elephants done. 


4- Hourglass Body Shape

Kendall Jenner's attractive hourglass figure comes from both her genetics and dedication to fitness. She made sharp statements about the treatment she allegedly had done to her body. 

She also argued that because she is a working model, surgery would not benefit her fully. “As a model, why should I have my body rebuilt?” It doesn't make sense. 

Crazy because sometimes I feel like people want me to lose," she added. 

However, fans say she had Lipolysis and Buttock Augmentation to have a body like this.


5- Bigger Lips

The famous model, born in 95, constantly gets Lip Fillers on both her lower and upper lips. In 2018, fans speculated that when they saw her lips on the red carpet, she got lip fillers because she looked bigger than usual. 

However, they claimed she got lip fillers to make her face look bigger. Also, in March 2022, her extra-plumper-looking lips garnered attention in her Instagram Story videos.



6- Natural-Looking Breast Augmentation

One of Kendall Jenner's favorite aspects is that she does not exaggerate aesthetics like other members of her family. 

Kendall chose a careful approach in her Breast Augmentation surgery, achieving natural-looking results consistent with her aesthetic preferences. 


7- Cheekbone Filler

The pretty face Kendall Jenner also has Dermal Fillers on her cheekbones and upper lip. 


8 - Cat Eyes (Almond Eye)

It's no secret that Kendall Jenner had Almond Eye Surgery. Thanks to this operation, it is possible to have a deeper gaze as the eyes are pulled up. 


9 - Eyebrows Up

Compared to Kendall's old photos, we can see that she has much more voluminous and higher eyebrows. She now looks much more awake thanks to Brow Lift surgery. 

As Kendall grew up, rumors discussed many surgeries, like nose jobs or facelifts. Fans debate her changes a lot. 

We want to know what's true and what's not about Kendall's surgery stories. Someone made a page listing her surgeries, like a nose job. 

Kendall denied getting surgery, but talks on social media continue. Especially about her sister Kim and a possible boob job, face reconstructed. People often discuss her changes and surgeries. 

Kendall Jenner Chronological Plastic Surgery History


We can say that Kendall had the following procedures done: 

- Wrinkle injections (2022) 

- Eyebrow lift (2017) 

- Rhinoplasty (2016) 

- Cheek filler (2015) 

- Lip filler (2014) 

- Chin filler (2014) 

We're not sure about anti-wrinkle injections, after all, Kendall isn't even 26 yet. But anything else can happen. 

When we do this before and after comparison, we can see a noticeable difference in Kendall's cheeks and chin. It looks great, we can't deny it. Because even models undergo surgery to change their appearance. 

Kendall Jenner is one of the most recognizable faces in the world, which is why she gets so many reviews. 

She hasn't confessed to her plastic surgery yet, but maybe that's because she's not ready. Kylie took some years before being honest with her fans. Even in today's more accepting views on cosmetic surgery, admitting such things is tough when you're a role model for many young girls. 

It wouldn't be shocking if Kendall opened up about a recent procedure. Not too long ago, she revealed her battle with acne, so it's reasonable to think she may have more to share.

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