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Skin Care

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Skin Care

Skin Care is an application performed to reduce the negative effects of environmental factors (such as air pollution, sun), age and aging, stress, use of mimic, eating and habits, and to feed the skin positively while purifying the skin.

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Treatments designed to eliminate all kinds of skin problems and improve the appearance of the skin are called skin care treatments. Skin care treatment is done not only to get rid of skin problems but also to take care of the person's skin type and needs. With the right approach, it is possible to have flawless skin. 

 Medical creams, lotions, moisturizers, face washes, peelings, scrubs, masks, or medicines are used in skin care treatment.

What Is a Skin Lightening Treatment?

Skin lightening is a cosmetic procedure that reduces the concentration of melanin in the skin in order to lighten the color of some areas of the skin that have lost color over time. A skin lightening treatment is also known as skin whitening or face whitening treatment. 

Imperfections on the skin such as sunspots and acne scars cause an uneven appearance on the face. Skin lightening procedures allow skin tone to even out while lightening the skin. Thus, the skin appears bright, smooth, and even-toned.

Skin care treatment in Turkey costs approximately $300. It is possible to have skin care treatment above or below this price. Many factors such as the specialist physician who will perform the procedure, the brand of the products to be used, skin condition, skin type, skin problems, target, and demands of the patient are decisive for the price. 
Depending on all these, there are skin care treatment options for $150, as well as for $550.
How Much Does Skin Lightening Treatment Cost in Istanbul?
Since Istanbul is the largest and the most developed city in the medical field in Turkey, as in every other subject, the treatment prices here are slightly higher than in other cities. Although many factors affect treatment costs, you can get skin whitening treatment for 575-600 dollars on average in Istanbul. It would be more beneficial to contact the doctor and clinic you are interested in and get consultancy services to get exact price information.
Istanbul, as one of the most touristic cities in the world, attracts foreign patients not only with its abundance of treatment options but also with its rich historical, architectural, and cultural structure.

The Advantages of the Skin Care Treatment in Turkey
Turkey is among the leading countries in the world in terms of health tourism. There is a great interest in cosmetic procedures, and many patients, both domestic and foreign, prefer to have these treatments in Turkey every year. The chance to be treated by chosen experienced, knowledgeable, talented, and expert dermatologists in the field of skincare, at European and US standards at more affordable prices due to the exchange rate, is a great advantage for the candidates.

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All skin care treatments should be applied by specialist dermatologists or licensed professionals.
It is a treatment performed to improve the appearance of acne, acne scars, sun spots, fine lines, and uneven skin tone, which are the most common skin problems. During this procedure, the skin is first anesthetized, followed by treatment with an exfoliating device that works to remove the outer layers of the skin. When the damaged skin layers are removed, new and young skin cells are formed. Thus, skin imperfections are repaired and a cleaner and smoother skin appearance are obtained.
Microdermabrasion is a less intense version of dermabrasion. This treatment is also used to even out the skin tone, and remove sunspots and acne scars.
Laser Resurfacing
Laser technology is used today to treat facial wrinkles, acne scars, other scars, and skin blemishes. Erbium YAG Laser device is used in the skin resurfacing process. By destroying the outer layer of the damaged skin, new skin cells develop in their place. The heat from the laser also stimulates the production of collagen, a protein that helps keep skin firm and smooth.
Dermal fillers
Another common skin care treatment is dermal fillers. This treatment is often used to combat fine lines and wrinkles on the skin. Dermal fillers, which are injected into the skin that has lost its volume and weakened as it ages, have the opposite effect and provide the skin to plump again. As a result of the procedure, brighter and younger-looking skin is obtained.
Botox procedure is performed by injecting the chemical botulinum toxin into facial muscles. The most common use is for fine lines and wrinkles on the face. It is usually injected into frown lines, crow's feet, around the eyes, and neck area. The muscles in the area where Botox was injected are temporarily paralyzed. Since the use of these muscles is blocked, the wrinkles here soften and their appearance improves over time.
Chemical peels
Chemical peels are used to treat sunspots, acne, acne scars, freckles, and wrinkles, and to create a brighter and more even skin tone in general. Chemical peels range from mild to deep. The skin is exfoliated by applying a chemical solution directly to it, and when this top layer is peeled off, younger, even-toned, and brighter skin is revealed.

What are the Types of Skin Lightening Treatments?
Skin lightening, also known as skin bleaching or face whitening treatment, is a cosmetic procedure applied to remove skin blemishes such as birthmarks, dark spots, and circles on the skin surface. These treatments work by reducing the production and concentration of melanin in the skin, which gives the skin its color. 
Skin lightening and skin bleaching creams 
Skin lightening procedures can be done at home. However, you should go to a doctor's examination to make sure that the medical creams you will use are suitable for you. If you use products other than the medical creams prescribed by the doctor, their effect may be less and it will take a long time to see the results. Also, there is a high risk of irritation of the skin and permanent damage.
You should use the skin whitening creams recommended by your doctor regularly, apply skin care correctly and protect your skin from the sun. As a result of these applications, after a while, the color of the dark patches becomes lighter and the darkening problem is reduced. To get results from skin lightening creams, it is necessary to use them regularly for a long time.
Laser treatment
Laser treatment is a good alternative to skin bleaching creams as it gives much faster and more effective results. However, this method may not be equally effective for everyone.
Laser treatment not only lightens the color of the skin but also eliminates other existing skin problems (such as wrinkles, and sagging). As in other skin whitening methods, the cells that produce melanin are damaged. 
Chemical peels
Skin blemishes can be removed with the chemical peeling method. This method aims to peel off the problematic skin on the top and reveal lighter, brighter, and smoother skin from the bottom. This procedure should be applied very carefully by a competent person. Otherwise, chemical burns occur and there is a risk of permanent skin blemishes.
Medical skincare
Skin whitening facial is useful for removing the sun tan and acquiring brighter and glowing skin.

Which is the Best Skin Care Treatment?
Skin care treatment can be performed in several ways, depending on the person's skin type, skin problems, and skin needs. You can learn which of these treatments will be best for you after a specialist doctor's examination. The most popular skin care treatments are:
Medical Skin Care
Medical skin care is done by the skin type. There are things that you need to make a routine in your daily life to get the best results in skincare. Consuming at least two liters of water during the day, protecting the skin against sun rays, cleansing the skin deeply before going to bed, and supporting the treatment with skin care products suitable for your skin type will increase the effectiveness of your medical skin care result.
Oxygen Skin Care
Oxygen skin care therapy reaches the inner layers of the skin and accelerates blood circulation.
Oxygenated skin care is a treatment that prevents premature wrinkling of the skin. It rejuvenates the skin by purifying it from dead cells, while the skin gets the moisture it needs and the pores are opened.
Hydrafacial Skin Care
It is a more advanced version of medical skin care. The skin is thoroughly cleaned by vacuuming the facial lines with specially produced devices.
Collagen Facial
The decrease in collagen in the skin with aging causes the skin to lose its elasticity and moisture over time. The skin, which loses its elasticity and moisture, wrinkles and sags more quickly. When necessary, patients can renew their skin by having facial collagen treatment.
Acne Treatment

Acne can be treated with medication, cream, or laser method, depending on the cause of acne. With the laser method, acne scars are also removed.
Skin Blemish Treatment
Skin lightening creams are commonly used in the treatment of skin blemishes. Apart from this, Gold Needle Radiofrequency treatment is also used to remove skin blemishes.
Anti-aging Treatment
Anti-aging treatments are generally applied to patients over the age of 30 to 35. While some patients select these treatments for their fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin, others prefer preventive treatments.
The medical skin care, facial collagen therapy, gold needle, mesotherapy, chemical and herbal peelings, laser therapy, botox, and filling methods are among the many options used in anti-aging treatments.
Chemical Peels
It deeply cleanses and purifies the skin, while removing skin blemishes. It’s used in skin lightening treatments. 
Carbon Peel 
It is applied by using laser light after applying the carbon solution to the skin and waiting for a while. When the laser light combines with the carbon, the skin is stimulated by the heat effect. As a result of this treatment, which cleans the pores, brighter, and healthier-looking skin is obtained.


The biggest advantage of having a professional skin care treatment is that the results are permanent and more effective than home skin care. A skin care treatment that will be determined by a specialist dermatologist according to skin needs gives very good results, particularly if you are a regular skin care person. Some skin care treatments can also permanently eliminate long-standing skin problems.

However, you should remember that your skin is very sensitive. Not every skincare treatment is suitable for everyone. As a result of incorrect application, skin irritation, burns, wounds, etc. serious problems may occur. Sometimes, even if your skin does not react negatively to the treatment applied, you may not get the results you wanted. Considering the prices of skin care treatments, the possibility of not getting results from the treatment is a disadvantage for the candidates.

Does Skin Care Treatment Cause Any Pain?
Medical skin care treatment doesn’t cause any pain. Some pain and burning may be felt in procedures performed with laser or peeling methods. However, the pain subsides within a few minutes.

Who’s a Good Candidate for a Skin Care Treatment?
Medical skin care can be applied to all male and female patients starting from adolescence. The sebaceous glands, which have started to work actively since adolescence, cause skin problems such as acne, pores, and blackheads. In case of need, medical skin care can be performed under the age of 18, provided that at least one parent is present.
In short, it can be applied to all patients who are determined to need skin care treatments.

First, the skin is thoroughly cleansed with a cleanser suitable for the skin type. Then, the skin is purified from dead cells by using peeling products. A mask is applied by massaging after that. To ensure that the mask is absorbed by the skin in a sufficient amount, it is fed to the skin by massage and kept on the skin surface for a certain period. After this stage, the skin is cleaned again with a suitable cleanser, and serums and moisturizers are massaged into the skin again. Finally, the skin care treatment is completed by applying sunscreen.

What Should You Expect During a Skin Care Treatment Recovery?
On the day of medical skin care, the skin should not be washed and any product should not be applied. Since the skin is purified from the dead layer during the peeling phase, it needs to be well moisturized for a few days after the procedure, and going out in the sun should be avoided. It is necessary not to wear make-up and touch the skin for a few days after the treatment.

Difference between Skin Lightening and Skin Care Treatment
Skin care treatments are usually procedures that focus on making the skin look healthier and brighter. Medical skin care treatment consists of skin cleansing, purification, moisturizing, and care. At these stages, products such as skin cleansers, moisture masks, serum, and peeling are used.
Skin lightening treatment, on the other hand, covers the procedures applied to equalize the skin tone by removing the blemishes and darkness on the skin or to obtain a lighter skin tone in general.

Risk and Side Effects
The skin care treatment performed by a professional dermatologist in a sterile and hygienic clinic with products suitable for the patient has no side effects. Although slight burning and redness may be seen after the peeling procedure, this situation improves with soothing masks applied right after it.
However, skin care procedures that are not performed in a clean environment by an unlicensed person or persons, with products that are not suitable for skin type or of poor quality, may cause serious and permanent problems such as infection, irritation, burns, wounds, and skin blemishes.

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