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            Treatment Local Anesthesia 
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            Recovery Time 3-6 month
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          It is the result of rhinoplasty performed by Baron Dental Clinic. For reference purposes only, results may vary.


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          Although years have passed since my orthodontic treatment, I am very satisfied
          Baris Unlu, DmD and his team are very successful
          Although years have passed since my orthodontic treatment, I am very satisfied
          Baris Unlu, DmD and his team are very successful

          &All About Dental Implants

          &All About Dental Implants

          What is Dental Implants ?

          Implants are artificial tooth roots placed on the jawbone to fix the prostheses. Thanks to the implant dental treatment, the completion of the missing teeth of the patients is achieved successfully. The main reason for the preference of screws in the form of screws, usually produced from titanium, is that they are long -lasting and suitable for human biology.

          Dental implant treatment in smile makeover procedure can be applied simultaneously with other treatment methods such as filling and dental canal. Dental implants both improve the quality of life in terms of oral health and provide a more aesthetic physical appearance. For this reason, it is a preferred treatment by people with missing teeth

          What is the Price of Dental Implants?

          There are some variables effective in determining dental implants prices. First of all, there are significant differences between the treatment in a private hospital or clinic and in state hospitals. The fee of the selected dentist, the general oral health of the patient, the prosthesis form and the domestic or imported situation of the patient is also very effective.

          In addition to all these, the price of the treatment varies according to the number and qualifications of the dental implant. The price of implants varies between 250 Dollar and 500 Dollar on average.

          In order to determine a precise fee to cover the entire treatment, it is necessary to pass the consultation of the selected dentist.

          What are the Stages of Dental Implant?

          In order to perform dental implant, first of all, the suitability of this treatment should be examined. Since the implant screws have certain lengths and thicknesses, the area to be applied should be widely width of the screws. The durability of the jawbone and the healthy gums also play a decisive role. As a result of the examination and x -ray taken by a dentist who is experts in the field, it is understood whether the patient is suitable for treatment.

          After the patient decides to have the treatment, the measure of the jaw bone and the teeth he has is taken. Dental implant operation is performed in this section covering the first stage of treatment. Depending on the condition of the patient, sedation or local anesthesia are usually applied. After showing the anesthesia effect, holes are drilled in the necessary parts of the jaw bone and placed in the appropriate size screw. Then the implant is fixed by attaching a piece called “Abutment”

          After the implant is installed, the temporary head can be worn as the dentist deems appropriate or the region can be covered with gums. In order to wear a prosthesis, the implant should be integrated with the bone and the region should be healed. In this process, the dental implant is completely attached to the jawbone and replaces the actual tooth root.

          How Long Does The Dental Implant Take?

          The question of “How long does the dental implant take?” is frequently asked and curious. This period varies specifically for each patient's own treatment. Because the number of implants to be applied and the patient's general oral health are decisive factors. Accordingly, operations are usually completed within half an hour or maximum 1-2 hours.

          If a permanent prosthesis will be applied to the patient, the condition of the mouth and teeth after the implant is observed and prostheses are attached within 1 to 3 months and the treatment is completed. The fully healing process of dental implants is usually 3 for lower jaws and 6 months for the upper jaw.

          Who are the Candidates For Dental Implant?

          Dental implant treatment is suitable for adults who have completed their physical development because it concerns the jaw and bone structure. It is not recommended for patients under the age of 18 because face and jaw structures have not yet matured. In addition, there is no upper age limit for implant treatment. If the patient's gums and jaw bones are in sufficient health, treatment can be applied. Finally, the patient's general health condition should be appropriate and anesthesia should be applied.

          What are the Advantages of Dental Implant Treatment?

          • It is a long -lasting and safe solution,
          • Increases the robustness of prostheses,
          • A realistic view is obtained,
          • Adapt to the original teeth,
          • Affect smile and thus self -confidence,
          • Reduces bone resorption in the region,
          • Increases comfort in biting, chewing and eating.

          How Should Dental Implant Cleaning Be Done?

          Dental and oral health is very important and after the implant is applied, it should be much more careful. Dental implant treatment 2 times a day to continue brushing tooth and interface brush should also be used. The gaps between the implant and the surrounding teeth can only be reached by interface brushes. It is recommended to use dental floss, mouth shower and mouthwash regularly. Since it causes great damage to the teeth, cigarettes should be avoided.

          Dental Implant Damages

          It has not been observed that dental implant any harm to oral health. Biological compatible materials such as titanium and zirconium are used in the production of implant screw. These substances do not cause an allergic reaction or similar side effects. However, there may be some factors that may prevent the preference of dental implant.

          Dental Implant with Robotic Laser

          Laser implant treatment is a new method and is applied by specialist dentists in some clinics. The dental implant using laser is called minimally invasive. In order to apply this method, bone volume must be sufficient intensity.

          3D computer tomography is taken to decide the suitability of laser -supported implant. In this way, the thickness and width of the bone tissue is learned. During the operation, the implant area is opened with laser. After reaching the bone tissue, the hardest part, the mill is opened and the screw is placed in the size of the size of the implant.
          The advantage of laser -supported dental implant treatment is that tissues heal faster and no pain after the operation.

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