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            Treatment General Anesthesia 
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            Recovery Time 1-2 Weeks
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          It is the result of a lipedema performed by Yener Demirtaş, MD. For reference purposes only, results may vary.


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          All my complaınts are gone after lıpoedema treatment
          Dr. Yener treated my lipodem and changed my life
          My confidence increased after calf liposuction.
          Dr. Yener treated my lipodem and changed my life
          My confidence increased after calf liposuction.

          &All About Lipedema Surgery

          &All About Lipedema

          What is Lipedema?

          What is Lipedema Surgery ?

          Lipedema surgery involves using a blunt cannula to reduce excess fat cells in extensive areas and reduce discomfort. Surgeons typically perform this procedure on an outpatient basis, lasting 3-5 hours and sometimes requiring multiple surgeries.

          The goal of tumescent liposuction treatment is to remove maximum fat while causing minimal harm to the lymphatic system. Surgeons may also perform manual extraction after fat removal of fibrotic nodules.

          Surgery may cause fibrotic nodules to become more noticeable, but removing them is crucial for effectively treating lipedema. This removal helps reduce pain and inflammation, leading to smoother skin.

          Lipedema Treatment Costs in Turkey

          In Turkey, lipedema cost start at $4500, varying based on its stages. Since lipedema has different severity levels, it affects both the complexity of lipedema cost.

          Treatments for lipoedema options range from conservative measures to surgery, which impact the overall expenses.

          In Turkey's robust healthcare system, skilled professionals who specialize in lipedema surgery are well-known.

          For more information about the cost of lipedema surgery check our blog post

          What Causes Lipedema?

          Lipedema, characterized by excessive fat distribution, likely results from genetic and hormonal factors, possibly triggered by puberty or pregnancy. It often runs in families, and affected areas, notably the lower limbs, exhibit a symmetrical 'column-like' appearance.

          Despite efforts, diet and exercise may not reduce this fat. Symptoms include pain, tenderness, bruising, and touch sensitivity. Progression may limit mobility and raise lymphedema risk.

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          Lipedema vs. Cellulite?

          Lipedema and cellulite differ in causes, appearances, and treatments. Lipedema primarily affects lower body parts due to genetic and hormonal factors, leading to abnormal fat collection. On the other hand, cellulite results from fat distribution causing a dimpled skin texture.

          While managing lipedema involves compression garments and exercise, cellulite treatment focuses on enhancing the appearance with creams, radiofrequency, or surgical procedures like subcision.

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          Lipedema vs. Lymphedema?

          Lipedema and lymphedema both affect the lymphatic system, causing arm and leg swelling. However, they differ in causes and treatments.

          Lipedema stems from genetic and hormonal factors, leading to abnormal fat build-up in limbs, mainly in women. Treatment involves compression therapy and lifestyle changes, sometimes including liposuction.

          It causes fluid collection, often in arms and legs, needing drainage techniques, compression therapy, and sometimes surgery. Healthcare professionals recommend consulting with them for an accurate diagnosis and personalized treatment.

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          Compression Garments After Lipedema?

          Doctors recommend treating fat tissue and wearing a garment for three months. Initially, wear it all the time for a month, then only during the day for the following two months.

          Using compression garments plays a crucial role in treating lipedema. They help reduce swelling and facilitate skin healing after surgery. Initially, wear them around the clock for 2-3 weeks, then wear them for up to 12 hours daily, even after recovery.

          While not mandatory, experts highly encourage the consistent use of compression garments. This practice helps prevent blockages in the lymphatic system, promoting better overall health.

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