&Lipedema Cost in Turkey

What is Lipedema?

Lipedema is when excess fat accumulation affects thighs, buttocks, legs, and sometimes arms. Hands and feet are not affected by the accumulation of excess fat.

How Much Does Lipedema Surgery Cost in Turkey?

Turkey's healthcare is high-quality and reasonably priced, making it popular for affordable care.

The price changed from $5,500 to $13,500 in Turkey since the price range is between $6,500 to $30,000 globally.

How Much Does Lipedema Surgery Cost in Istanbul?

İstanbul, the country's most populated and developed city, offers its visitors countless opportunities. 

Patients who visit İstanbul for this treatment have many options in the city.

Since there are a lot of famous surgeons and world-class health facilities in town, the prices vary. The type of treatment and the title of the surgeon are the primary elements that change the cost of treatment.

The prices change from $8,000 to $13,000 in İstanbul.

What Are Factors That Affect the Lipedema Cost?

Factors that affect the cost of lipedema are;

  • Credentials and levels of expertise of the doctor
  • Complexity level (stage) of your procedure
  • Whether you require multiple procedures to attain your desired outcome or not
  • Location (city) of your treatment
  • Health facility 
  • The qualification level of your anesthesia provider 
  • In which city which you are planning lipedema treatment
  • Treatment packages include accommodation, transportation, and post-operative care, ensuring a hassle-free experience for international patients.

What Does Lipedema in Turkey Cost Cover?

There are Surgical and Non-surgical treatment options for Lipedema.

The surgical treatment price covers VAT, hospital fees, doctor, operating room, post-op needs, and accompanying surgeon.

Non-surgical treatments are therapies like Massage therapies, Exercise therapies, or Compression therapies. Each treatment may have a different number of therapy sessions. Generally, the cost of these treatments consists of all of the sessions as a package. 

Does Health Insurance Cover Lipedema?

Health insurance doesn't cover lipedema because they consider it an "aesthetic treatment. Most health insurance companies don't pay for aesthetic treatments. 

Lipoedema Turkey Price v.s Other Countries

The table below shows the price range of Lipoedema surgeries and liposuction procedures in different countries. Most prices are without VAT, whereas the amounts given for Turkey are VAT included.

Turkey $ 5,500 - $ 13,000 $ 7,000 - $ 2,000
USA $ 4,400 - $ 23,000 $ 2,100 - $ 11,500
Germany $ 3,000 - $ 6,500 $ 1,300 - $ 2,800
Italy $ 5,500 - $ 10,000 $ 3,000 - $ 7,000
UK $ 6,500 - $ 10,500 $ 2,600 - $ 7,900
Lithuania $ 2,300 - $ 5,000 $ 1,450 - $ 3,450


How Much Does Lipedema Cost Without Insurance?

Since the health system considers Lipedema treatments as cosmetic procedures, health insurance companies don't cover these treatments. 

Doctors determine the problem level and necessary Lipedema treatment, which comes with costs you must prepare for.

What Kind of Financial Support is Available for Lipoedema?

Health insurance companies don't cover Lipoedema treatments. 

How Much is Lipedema with Insurance?

You need to pay for their Lipedema treatments. You should know that the insurance policies don't include cosmetic procedures. Although it seems like a cosmetic problem, Lipedema is a health issue. Yet again, they considered it as cosmetic. 

How Much Does Lipedema Cost Per Month?

If the doctors treat Lipedema via surgery, it is a one-time treatment. Other treatments like massage therapies need a couple of weeks, maybe months.

After an appointment with the clinic that will do the massage, you can have an average monthly price. 

What is the Lowest Price For Lipedema?

The lowest price for surgical treatment is $5500. If liposuction is the treatment method the doctor approves, the lowest price would be $700 US. 

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