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Tummy Tuck

It is the result of a tummy tuck performed by Azer Zeynalov, MD. For reference purposes only, results may vary.

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Tummy tuck is a surgical procedure that improves the stretched skin and possible separated muscles created by the localized weight gain of pregnancy or from the gain and then subsequent loss of a good deal of weight.

Tummy tuck surgery is also known as abdominoplasty. The procedure is based on removing the excess fat and skin and, in most cases, restores weakened or separated muscles creating an abdominal profile that is smoother and firmer.

Abdominoplasty is suitable for both men and women who are in good overall general health. A tummy tuck is also an alternative for men and women who were obese at one point in their lives and still have excessive fat deposits or loose skin in the abdominal area.

A tummy tuck is suitable surgery for both men and women who have loose skin and excess fat on their stomach and waist, and separated abdominal muscles.

tummy tuck

But in some cases tummy tuck surgery should not consider;

  • If you're still planning to have children (During surgery, your vertical muscles are tightened. Future pregnancies can separate these muscles.)

  • If you keep losing weight,

  • If fat is the only reason, with minimal skin excess, then tummy tuck surgery is not the right option to consider.

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  • If you are in good health and at a stable weight,

  • If you are in 10–15 pounds of your goal weight,

  • If your body mass index (BMI) lower than 30,

  • If you are in the knowledge of that the procedure is not a weight-loss surgery,

  • If you are a non smoker or can quit at least six weeks before the tummy tuck surgery

  • If you are over 18 then you are the right candidate for abdominoplasty surgery.

There are 2 types of Tummy Tuck. Tummy Tuck surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia within the hospital. Mini-abdominoplasties can be performed under sedation and local anesthesia.

Mini-abdominoplasty (Mini Tummy Tuck) procedure only tightens the lower abdominal wall skin (shortest scar). Mini Tummy Tuck is suitable for both men and women whose abdominal wall does not protrude significantly.

The procedure can be performed using an endoscope under either local or general anesthetic.The aim is to excess fat remove, muscles and skin tightened.

The surgeon makes a small incision above the pubic bone to remove excess fat. If needed your surgeon will use liposuction to help shape the area.

The abdominal muscles are tightened and then loose skin is stretched down over the incision, with the excess cut away.

tummy tuck surgery

Mini Tummy Tuck lasts less than 2 hours. Tummy tuck recovery time is shorter than Extended abdominoplasty. It takes 1-3 weeks. Swelling, discomfort and numbness are common after effects of mini tummy tuck operation.

Extended abdominoplasty (Extended Tummy Tuck) tightens the abdomen and the flanks or sides (longest scar extending around the flanks onto lower back.) Extended Tummy Tuck is also known as full tummy tuck.

An extended tummy tuck is performed under general anesthetic. The aim is to treat muscle separation above and below the belly button and excessive or loose skin in the belly.

Your surgeon will separate the navel from the rest of the tissue in order to abdominal wall and pull the muscles underneath into a tighter position. After that your surgeon will stretch down the flep and remove the tissue. If needed liposuction will be included. Incisions will be from one hipbone to the other hipbone.

Extended abdominoplasty takes between 90 minutes and five hours. After surgery patients often spend a night or two in hospital.

You will be asked to wear a compression garment, to reduce swelling for at least the first week.  Tummy tuck recovery time is longer than mini-tummy tuck surgery; it lasts between 4 to 6 weeks.

Pain and swelling, numbness, bruising and overall tiredness are common side effects after extended tummy tuck operation.

Since abdominoplasty is a completely surgical procedure, you need to pay attention to some issues both before and after the operation.

By following the instructions given to you by your surgeon, you can better prepare for the operation. In this way, you will enter the recovery period in a shorter time, and your surgery will continue more successfully.

What you need to do before tummy tuck surgery;


  • You should definitely not smoke. If you have a smoking habit, you should stop smoking at least three weeks before abdominoplasty.

  • If you have a chronic illness and medications that you have to use continuously, you should share this information with your doctor.

  • It is useful to stay away from aspirin or other blood thinners. Your doctor will inform you about this.

  • Employees must take a week off work for surgery. Because you will need to rest after the operation.

  • After you come out of the surgery, someone must accompany you.

  • Your doctor will ask you for a list of needs. It is useful to complete this list of needs before the operation.

As long as you pay attention to all these criteria, you will have started a successful operation.

Before tummy tuck surgery, your doctor will ask you for some tests to understand your general health. Then, if you do not have any obstacles for tummy tuck, your surgery day will be decided.

karın germe

Since you will be under general anesthesia, you will be asked to come hungry. Photographs are taken for comparison. Your doctor will examine your body for the last time and mark the places where fat intake will be made.

The operation can be performed under sedation anesthesia and general anesthesia. The doctor and the patient decide on this issue together before the operation. Then you will be taken into surgery.

The operation begins with anesthesia. Before the tummy tuck procedure, if your doctor deems it appropriate, liposuction will be activated.

After shaping the area with liposuction, the tummy tuck process is started. This flabby skin is stretched from the bottom up and cut.

The remaining part is collected and sewn in a way that is as less obvious as possible. Since the procedure is performed using tiny incisions, there will not be much scar tissue in the person.

In addition, it may be necessary to change the location of the belly button in individuals whose abdomen has sagged too much.

In such a case, a belly button is formed in the place where it should be again during the procedure.

After the operation, you will be taken to the recovery room and the anesthesia team will wake you up without any risk. You will then be transferred to your room.

Whichever type of anesthesia is chosen in the procedure, procedures are applied according to it before and after the operation.

tummy tuck scar

For example, an individual who receives sedation anesthesia can easily be sent home 1-2 hours after the procedure, while it may be necessary to stay in the hospital for 1 or 2 days after general anesthesia.

The same situation differs in feeding times. A patient waking up from general anesthesia and a patient released from sedation anesthesia do not eat at the same time.

Tummy tuck is a completely individualized treatment, it is impossible to provide a single total that applies across the board. That's why it’s important to consider all the factors before you decide on which clinic to choose.

If you’re planning to have a Tummy Tuck, you can save money by traveling abroad. Turkey is the best opportunity for Tummy Tuck surgery, if you are planning to get your tummy tuck abroad.

Traveling to Turkey is easy, most airlines run direct flights from all over Europe and the flight prices are affordable. İstanbul is the most popular destination for Tummy Tuck surgery, but there are other alternatives such as Ankara, İzmir or Alanya. Tummy tuck cost

Abdominoplasty prices vary depending on the type of procedure you choose and depend on  several other factors. Average cost for tummy tucks can range in price from $3,000 to $7,000 in Turkey-İstanbul.

Turkey offers more affordable prices and an all inclusive package for Tummy Tuck that includes; accommodation, 2 night stationary at the hospital, full board, all transfers between airport-hotel-hospital airport transport, all check-ups and medical tests related to the surgery. 

This is the most affordable tummy tuck surgery opportunity among Europe and Asia.

The plastic surgery tummy tuck time changes according to the type of surgery and procedures performed. Factors that will influence your tummy tuck recovery time include your body’s natural healing ability and how closely you follow pre and postoperative directions.

Generally tummy tuck healing time after surgery takes time between 2-6 weeks before you’ll be healthy enough for daily life and exercise. Patients often spend a night or two in hospital afterwards.

A mini tummy tuck comes with a recovery time of 1-3 weeks. Patients should expect to decrease their activity at that time. An extended tummy tuck comes with a recovery time of 4-6 weeks. Patients should expect to take 4 weeks off work and limit their physical exercise for at least 6 weeks.

tummy tuck before after

After tummy tuck surgery there will be drains left in for a few days.  And your doctor will ask you to take an antibiotic while your drains are in place.

In order to help to avoid fluid buildup you have to wear an abdominal binder which will help to support your abdomen for about six weeks.

During the first three days after tummy tuck surgery; you can experience swelling, bruising, and tenderness around the incision sites.

These are the expectable signs of tummy tuck healing time. You may also experience pain which can be significant but your doctor will prescribe pain medication to take the pain under control.

During recovery time after tummy tuck, you'll need someone's support. So, it’s important to have someone with you for at least the first five days.

Your surgeon will tell you how to find an optimal resting position that will be most comfortable after tummy tuck surgery. It's recommended to rest as much as possible since you may feel tired for weeks or even months.

But also the first two weeks it's important to get up and move around a few times a day to increase circulation and to prevent blood clots during recovery time after abdominoplasty.

You won’t be able to drive for a few weeks. You’ll also have to limit strenuous exercise and demanding physical activity for four to six weeks. Having sex after tummy tuck is also forbidden for 4-6 weeks time.
Gaining weight after tummy tuck is also a big case that has to be paid attention.

Your doctor will give you a diet list where you will find the tips on eating healthy food. Eat less after tummy tuck surgery.

In tummy tuck recovery time you’ll see much of your outcome within a few weeks, but it may take three months or more to see your final results.

Keep in mind! Don't lift anything heavy (like a small child) for the first four to six weeks afterward.

Yes it is but can be under control by painkillers. The very first reason why tummy tuck is painful is not because of the incision, it's just because of the muscle tightening.

The core muscles will sore after being sewn together from the breast bone to the pubic bone. After abdominoplasty surgery most people find normal activities such as standing up straight, walking up stairs, and getting out of a seated position or bed uncomfortable.

The reason is simple: the stubborn muscles loved the roominess of your loose abdomen.

For about a week after the abdominoplasty surgery, the muscles will get used to the new system and you will feel less pain.

The results of the Tummy Tuck surgery depends on you living a healthy life. If you pay attention to your lifestyle, diet and exercise then you can enjoy your results for many, many years!

Many experts believe that the ideal time for tummy tuck surgery is the winter season. The winter season will be the right choice so that the garment to be worn does not bother you and not to postpone your summer vacation plans.


You can start your research in the fall season to choose the right surgeon for you. However, there is no rule that tummy tuck surgery cannot be performed in the summer. This is a sentence said only for your comfort.


  • A tummy tuck surgery flatters tummy, slimming waistline and promises a more attractive body shape.

  • A tummy tuck can also come with some emotional benefits. Losing weight will provide self confidence.  Also you can enhance the results of your weight loss program and boost your morale to continue leading a healthy lifestyle. benefits of tummy tuck

  • Abdominoplasty surgery will remove or reduce pregnancy stretch marks.

  • Turkey is the best opportunity for Tummy Tuck surgery, you can save money and get the best treatment.



  • Abdominoplasty is a major surgery, with a long recovery.

  • The results of a tummy tuck are not reversible, which means that if a patient is not satisfied with their newly acquired shape and appearance, they will have to live with the results.

  • A tummy tuck can also pose risks such as bleeding, blood clots, permanent scarring, and infection.

  • It's not cheap, and insurance will not cover it.

Tummy Tuck incisions generally run from hip bone to hip bone. It takes place typically very low on your abdomen, just above the pubic area. So, it’s easily concealed by underwear or a bikini.

Abdominoplasty surgery scars will be permanent. But in 3-6 months time the  pink-purple color of the scar will fade over and become less noticeable.

The answer is both yes and no. Fat may come back after a Tummy Tuck, if your caloric intake is too high or your caloric expenditure is too low and if you gain weight. tummy tuck results

tummy tuck recorvery

The fat cells which are removed in Tummy Tuck surgery are gone for good but the remaining fat cells may respond as fat cells do if you don't pay attention to gaining weight. 

So, try to get to your goal weight and maintain it, pay attention on your diet and exercise to keep the results permanent.

If you are planning to get pregnant then it's the best decision to delay your Tummy Tuck after you have your baby. But what if you get pregnant after your Tummy Tuck surgery, don't worry you can expect a normal pregnancy after a tummy tuck.

A tummy tuck removes excess skin and fat and tightens the abdominal muscles. With that said, pregnancy may cause your abdominal muscles to loosen or skin to stretch after surgery.

Every patient is unique, and it is not possible to predict how pregnancy will affect your surgery results. 

The main difference between liposuction and tummy tuck can be summaries as; 

Tummy Tuck surgery contains 3 main anatomic components to consider: loose skin and excess fat on their stomach and waist, and separated abdominal muscles.

On the other hand, if fat is the main component with minimal skin excess, then liposuction can be considered.

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Last Update: 20/10/2023

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