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Face Lift

It is the result of the face lift performed by Tahsin Gorgulu, MD. For reference purposes only, results may vary.

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Average Cost $ 1500
Treatment Local sedation or general anesthesia
Recovery Time 10-14 days

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A facelift, which is technically known as Rhytidectomy, is a popular cosmetic procedure that reduces the effects of aging that makes the skin wrinkle and sag.

During facelift surgery, a surgeon removes the excess facial skin and tightens the skin on each side of the face through the incisions behind the ears.

Generally, surgeons perform a facelift and neck lift together, and they may also combine another procedure with a facelift: eyelid surgery.

Facial rejuvenation surgery is a preferred method in older ages. This method, which is suitable for those who want to have a more taut skin and look younger, is generally preferred if the skin rejuvenation procedures, which are provided without surgical intervention, are insufficient.

As people age or gain or lose weight, sagging and wrinkles occur on their skin. People who do not want to lose their old youth and beauty also need surgical procedures for a more taut skin appearance.


Surgical procedure is applied to remove excess skin, especially on the neck, chin, forehead, around the eyes and in front of the ears.

For people who might want facelift are


  • Abow 45 years old

  • Want to have fresh look

  • Have health issues (diabetes, hypertension, etc.)

  • Non smokers

  • Not have collagen tissue diseases

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The ideal age for classical face lift procedures is 45 and over. More endoscopic operations are recommended for younger patients.
In general, it is a very suitable method for people who have the appearance of sagging and wrinkles on the skin. We have to say that only some people are not suitable for the operation. Those people:


  • Pregnant and lactating women

  • Health status, unsuitable for surgical operation

  • Persons under the age of 18

Surgical operation is suitable for people who complain of wrinkles and sagging appearance in the neck and face area, apart from the people mentioned above.

All facelift surgeries are done by plastic surgeons only and in a hospital under general anesthesia. The surgeons make an incision, and the size of this incision changes depending on the type of the facelift (mini facelift, endoscopik or traditional facelift).

After making the incision, they remove the excess skin, tighten the face by pulling the skin up and close the incisions with sutures or special skin adhesives.


After the surgery, you stay in the hospital for two days. During the recovery period in the hospital, the drainage tube placed in your skin to collect blood and fluids stays with you, and then they remove it before you leave the hospital.

They cover your entire head with a bandage after the surgery, and before you go home, they replace it with an elastic one. They recommend you to keep it for a couple of days until your follow-up appointment.

By paying attention to some points before and after the facelift surgery, the operation will be much more successful and the healing process will be much more comfortable.

Especially before the procedure, you must strictly follow your doctor's instructions. The points to be considered in general before facelift surgery are as follows:


  • First of all, the person should be ready both physically and psychologically for this operation. The fact that patients have sufficient information about the process ensures that they are much more ready for this process.

  • An average of 20 days should be allocated for this operation, while the facelift procedure and the recovery period after it are mentioned. It is recommended that patients prepare their work and their situation in general accordingly.

  • As with any surgical operation, patients should quit smoking and alcohol use at least 1 week before the procedure.

  • Before the procedure, the use of equivalent drugs, especially aspirin, which has a blood thinning effect, should also be discontinued.

  • If you want the process to be comfortable in facelift operations, one of the most important things to do before the procedure is to find the right specialist doctor.

  • When you work with a specialist doctor in the field, your operation will be very successful and there will be less risk of complications after the procedure.

While preparing for the facelift operation, you may be asked to:

face lift

  • Lab tests or current medical evaluations

  • You may be asked to take certain medications or make adjustments for any cast you take.

  • It may be recommended to use some products on your face before facelift.

  • Stop smoking

  • Avoid taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs and herbal supplements as they can increase bleeding and bruising.

  • It would be good to arrange for a friend or family member to drive you to the surgery and stay with you the first night after the surgery.

We can answer the question of what happns during the facelift by talking about 2 methods. Among the surgical methods performed in this area, two techniques stand out. One is the classical facelift surgery or mini facelift.

The other is endoscopic facelift surgery. In both methods, very thin incisions are made from certain parts of the faces of the people.

In the classical method, an incision is made from the front of the ear to the back of the ear, while in the endoscopic method, an incision is made from the area where the scalp is. Which technique will be preferred is decided according to the deformation of the person's face.

You will take antibiotics for five days at least. They remove your sutures within ten days, and you need to wear special wound creams suggested by your doctor during this period.

after face lift

After facelift surgery, you will most likely experience bruising, swelling, tightness, and numbness.
Tightness and numbness will disappear within a week, and bruising and swelling may last for a month.

A facelift costs around $4000, while the cost changes depending on the technique. There are multiple facelift techniques such as liquid facelift (which uses dermal fillers), HiFu ( high intensity focused ultrasound facelift) facelift, threading facelifts, etc.

Facelift operation is often a practice that most people recover within 1 to 1.5 months. However, it will likely take 6 months or more for you to see the final result of the facelift. Everyone's healing process is different. Also, the better you take care of yourself, the faster you will heal.

If your face has aged, you can consider a face lift. While plenty of other procedures, can reduce the signs of aging on your face. However face lift is considered the most effective way to turn your age.

before face lift

As with any elective surgery facelift has got the pros and cons:


  • It’s effective

  • Can be combined with other surgeries

  • Long-lasting results


  • It’s the longer recovery time

  • Has surgical risks

When you come out of the anesthesia, you will feel some discomfort, but since you stay in the hospital for two days taking pills, the pain will leave you soon.

If you think that you will protect the face area from sunlight and that you will not get bored of wearing a face surgigal garment for a while, you can have a facelift in the summer season.

But often, cooler weather is preferred for this surgery, especially in winter.

Aging is an ongoing process. Although a facelift is a surgical procedure, its results also have a lifespan. The more you pay attention to your health, the more permanent your results will be.

In general, you can expect natural and effective results from facelift surgery. Of course, as in every aesthetic procedure, the results in face lift will vary from person to person.

face lift before after

The people who show the best effects of the procedure are those who have new wrinkles and sagging and have no loss of elasticity because their skin is young.

In addition, you should know that the procedure will not make you 15-20 years younger. In order to look young, there is a need for some changes in one's lifestyle.

The riskiest complication of facelift surgery is facial nerve damage. The chance is low, but if you experience nerve damage, the damage is not permanent.

The most common side effects are hematoma, mild bleeding, and infection.

The incisions are made behind your ears and stay hidden in the line. Because of that, they are not visible, and good wound care provides little or no visible scars.

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Last Update: 20/10/2023

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