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US President Joe Biden Gets a Facelift

Circulate About US President Joe Biden Getting a Face Lift Joe Biden has never said he had any cosmetic procedures, and ...

Circulate About US President Joe Biden Getting a Face Lift

Joe Biden has never said he had any cosmetic procedures, and there's no proof he did. Plastic surgeons don't agree on this.

Trump started talking about Biden's appearance, wondering what he spent money on if he was covering it with a mask.

Trump said Biden had cosmetic procedures on his face, hidden by the mask he wears for Covid.

As Wall Street Journal journalist Michael Bender wrote in his book 'Frankly, We Did Win This Election:

In the Inside Story of How Trump Lost book, former US President Donald Trump also mocked that Joe Biden had an awful facelift

Did Joe Biden Have FaceLift? 


Political leaders like Joe Biden have the freedom to have cosmetic surgery since there's no rule against it.

Looking at Joe Biden's before and after photos, it's clear he's changed over the years. Some people notice scars on his ears and an unnatural forehead.

Surgeons think Biden, who's 78, looks different and suggest he's had several cosmetic procedures like botox, filling wrinkles, changing his hairline, getting dental veneers, and a facelift. 

Why Do Politicians Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Politicians like President Joe Biden and others, such as Greg Murphy of North Carolina, have undergone various plastic surgeries. These procedures often include hair transplants, facelifts, brow lifts, and more. 

One reason behind these surgeries is to appear more youthful and maintain a polished image while in the public eye. For instance, President Biden's hairline restoration might have been to maintain a more youthful appearance during his time in the White House.

Plastic surgeons like Dr. Gary Motykie of Beverly Hills claim to help politicians address concerns like unnatural forehead lines, ears, or facial features that may draw unwanted attention. Dr. Motykie and other surgeons aim to create natural-looking results after such surgeries.

Some politicians, like Donald Trump, openly make fun of others for their cosmetic surgeries, leading to talks about why they do it in politics.

These surgeries aim to make politicians look better, feel more confident, and seem more attractive, which can affect how the public sees them in politics.

Plastic surgeons, like Dr. Motykie, perform these procedures, claiming they can help with hair loss. But people sometimes argue about whether transplanted hair works well.

It's interesting that politicians' cosmetic changes, including hair transplants, have been made fun of by people like Donald Trump. This has made people discuss why politicians get these surgeries and if they're genuine.

In the end, these surgeries try to improve looks, but they can cause debates and change how people see politicians.

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