David Schwimmer, Ross, Victim of False Botox and Fillers


By Emel Gerdaneri • Medical review by Gokce Haspolat, MD

David Schwimmer, Ross, Victim Of False Botox and Fillers

We can't believe the last episode of Friends aired almost two decades ago!

How did we get so old! If you watched the one-episode Reunion last year and witnessed the transformation of all your favorite stars.

  • Jennifer Aniston was 25 when filming began, she is now 52.
  • Courteney Cox was 30 and is now 56.

  • Lisa Kudrow was 31 years old at the time and was the oldest actress in the series. She turns 58 this year, she.

  • Matt LeBlanc (Joey) was 27, now he's 53.

  • Matthew Perry (Chandler) was the last 25 years old and is now turning 52.

After the reunion, almost all of them made statements to different media about their aging processes and told about their aesthetics. And it's Ross' turn.

  • David Schwimmer (Ross) was 28 years old and turns 56 in 2022.

He became notorious for his privacy as a celebrity and hardly commented on the aging process. We immediately asked our question to Physician Gokce Haspolat MD:  What happened to Ross?
Gokce Haspolat
“It was one of the shows I loved watching, and I was most focused on Ross in the Reunion episode because Ross was my favorite character.

Ross is the Victim Of Wrong Botox and Fillers

RossRoss is a very good example of how a man will look if fillers and botox are applied to the wrong spots. If the wrong dose of botox and fillers are applied to the wrong spots, they look just like Ross.

Botox Does Not Suit Every Man

David SchwebberYes, botox does not suit every man, it is necessary to adjust the dose well. I do not do botox to almost all male patients who come to me. I am choosing the right patient.

If the correct patient is not selected, it will become an artificial image. But this is not the case with women. Botox suits almost every woman, but not for men.

Filler Should Be Done At The Right Points

botox and menWhen we look at the filler, it is very important that the filler is done at the right points. It should be done at the right points, at the optimum dose. Unlike women, it should definitely not be overdone."

Written on 02/03/2022


Last Update: 13/10/2022

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