All Cosmetic Surgery Details on Miley Cyrus' 2024 Grammys Awards

Miley's Grammy Wins and Captivating Performance Miley Cyrus emerged as a standout figure at the 2024 Grammy Awards, ...

Miley's Grammy Wins and Captivating Performance 

Miley Cyrus emerged as a standout figure at the 2024 Grammy Awards, clinching two prestigious awards on Sunday night, February 5th.

Her victories in the categories of Best Pop Vocal Performance and Record of the Year for her captivating beachy breakup anthem, "Flowers," marked a significant milestone in her musical journey. 

When all eyes were on her, there was also a scrutiny of the transformation she underwent from past to present. Especially, the dress Miley Cyrus wore that night showcased her magnificent physique.

Looking at before and after photos of Cyrus, we can clearly see that she underwent blepharoplasty, nose job, buccal fat removal, lip filler, and veneers. So, what did Cyrus experience at the Grammy night?

Memorable Quips and Engaging Audience Interaction 


In between her wins, Miley took the stage to perform "Flowers" and seamlessly integrated moments of audience interaction. With her characteristic wit and charm, she called out the crowd for not singing along, encouraging them to participate more enthusiastically.

Adding spoken adlibs and adapting lyrics to celebrate her Grammy wins, Miley showcased her ability to connect with her audience on a deeper level. 

Heartfelt Acceptance Speech Highlights 

Accepting her first Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Performance from the iconic Mariah Carey, Miley expressed her profound gratitude and shared a heartfelt moment with the former Disney star.

Later in the evening, winning Record of the Year, she delivered a poignant speech emphasizing the importance of remaining authentic and true to oneself amidst the accolades and recognition. 

Female Artists Shine Bright in Major Categories 


The Grammy ceremony witnessed a remarkable dominance by female artists across major categories, solidifying it as a pivotal moment in the music industry and earning it the title of the "Year of the Women."

Miley's success was part of a larger trend highlighting the immense talent and influence of women in music. 

Record Ratings Reflect the Event's Impact

Recent reports revealed a significant surge in viewership, with the Grammy Awards achieving its highest ratings in four years.

The heightened interest and engagement with the event underscored its enduring relevance and impact on both the music industry and popular culture, reaffirming its status as one of the most anticipated and celebrated awards shows of the year.

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