About us

Andnewme is Turkey's first and "aesthetics only" platform that brings doctors and patients together.

In March 2017, we established Andnewme so that people who are considering plastic surgery can get information about treatments and procedures, share their stories, and meet with the right doctor or clinic in response to their Internet searches.

When we search for aesthetic treatments today, Andnewme offers many treatments, from Botox which is familiar to everyone to lesser-known GRP. Andnewme offers impartial and accurate information about all treatments in the field of aesthetics, with the approval of a doctor.

  • Every month, thousands of people search for aesthetic treatments and find the right information in Andnewme.

  • Andnewme includes clinics and doctors in this sector with unbiased patient comments.

  • It helps the patient to ask the question that comes to mind before having plastic surgery and to evaluate the process by getting answers from different doctors.

  • When the patient makes the treatment research and doctor selection through Andnewme, he/she starts his/her aesthetic journey with confidence.

  • Users receive their aesthetic news from Andnewme and benefit from the blogs that doctors write about treatments.

Andnewme is an essential resource for people who want to have plastic surgery and for doctors and clinics who perform aesthetic treatment. Because it helps thousands of people find the right treatment and choose a doctor for themselves.

Life in Andnewme

Here is Andnewme team:

We are a creative and dynamic team that represents different age groups with different tastes, interests and past experiences, living in different cities, having fun while working at the same time!

So Who Are We?
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