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Thread Lift

It is the result of a thread lift performed by Gökçe Haspolat, MD. For reference purposes only, results may vary.

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Thread lift is a cosmetic procedure that uses a dissolvable suture, to lift the sagging skin and tighten the face.

The PDO thread lift works with the same aim but differs with the usage of biodegradable polyester suture. Polydioxanone (PDO) sutures are the best suited equipment for rejuvenating the skin.

Thread lifting with polydioxanone (PDO) sutures helps to lift the lax tissue and repositions the face contour for a youthful looking.

The appropriate age range for the non-surgical facelift method; It is 35-55 years old.

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However, it can also be applied to older people who do not have too much sagging on the face and do not have a heavy and oily face.

People who do not want to have facelift surgery and receive anesthesia, who are afraid of the side effects of the surgery and who do not want to experience a recovery period may prefer it.

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Typically 55 or younger are ideal candidates for a thread lift procedure. The individuals who has a sagging skin in certain areas are ideal candidates for a thread lift procedure.

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The individuals who are not interested in face lift surgery or the ones who things surgery is not suitable for them may also consider to get thread lift treatment.

Please note; individuals with loose skin in excessive areas must consider face lift surgery.

You do not need to make any preparations for the thread facelift procedure. It is recommended that you do not take blood thinners or alcohol, and that you quit smoking for the proper continuation of wound healing.

Your doctor will first examine you and determine the number of threads and thread type to be placed. Your skin is cleaned and local anesthesia is applied.

Thread lift is the procedure, performed with the help of temporary sutures that produces a visible "lift" in the skin. During the procedure the surgeon will apply local anesthesia and passes the threads beneath the skin.

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The procedure requires no incisions. There will be only entry points for the threads. Besides the lifting effect thread lift also activates collagen supplies that helps to keep the skin strong, voluminous and supple.

During the healing process from PDO thread lift, the individuals may experience mild swelling, bruising, or tenderness at the suture sites. These are the minimal side effects of the procedure and will be resolve within about 3-5 days.

After PDO thread lift procedure most of the individuals may to work with in 1-2 days.

The results of PDO thread lift surgery will be be noticeable after the swelling subsides and the tissues heal completely. This takes around a few weeks.

Thread Lift is performed around $700-$4500 (global average) while the Surgical Facelift is performed around $8000 and $12000 (global average).

Both Surgical Facelift and Thread Lift are the procedures that lifts and tightens facial tissue. But they have differences between each other;

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Thread Lift is a minimally and less invasive alternative to Surgical Facelift.

The results of "Thread Lift" lasts around 2 years while a Surgical Facelift is a more permanent solution (results will last 7-10 years or more)

Pros :

1. PDO thread lift is a quick procedure that takes less than an hour.

2. PDO thread lift procedure requires no deep cut. As it is performed minimally invasive, the risk of scarring or infection are lower than face lift surgery.

3. Done under local anesthesia.

4. Recovery after PDO thread lift is quick. It takes a week for the redness or swelling to heal. When compared with face lift surgery this period is really short.

5. As we said before PDO thread lift is a minimall invasive procedure. This means the pain during and after the procedure will be comparatively less.

6. PDO thread lift allows more than an area to get the treatment. Areas around the eyes, the jaw, cheeks and cheekbones can be all treated.

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1. PDO thread lift is a short term treatment. The effects of PDO thread lift lasts between six months to two years.

2. The effectiveness of the treatment is limited.  PDO thread lift procedure is more effective on the individuals who are 35-55 age group.

3. The PDO thread lift is classified in surgical process group. Although it is performed minimal invasively, there is still invasive which means it carries the risk of infection, bruising, temporary discomfort, rippling off the skin and temporary numbness

Swelling will pass in 1 week. Within weeks, new collagen bundles form around the thread under the skin. It is aimed to increase the circulation, collagen production and moisture of the skin under the placed threads.

With the increased production of collagen, wrinkles are reduced, skin tightening increases and sagging areas are recovered. It may take up to 3 months to see the full effect.

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Although it varies from person to person, its effect lasts for 2 years on average. Although the effect wears off, the person may have a more tense appearance than before the procedure.

Thread face suspension can be done again when the effect wears off.

Thread Lift procedure is performed with low-traumatic methods which makes the procedure considered relatively painless.

Are There Any Scars? There is virtually no risk of scarring after thread lift procedure.

Written on 31/07/2019


Last Update: 24/10/2023

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