&Thread Lift in Turkey

          How Much Does Thread Lift Cost in Turkey?

          In Turkey, a thread lift typically costs between $350 and $1500, whereas a surgical facelift ranges from $8,000 to $12,000 (global average).

          In the US, the average cost of a thread lift is approximately $1,950, with prices varying from $500 to $4,400 depending on factors such as the surgeon’s experience, location, and procedure complexity.

          In the UK, a thread lift can vary significantly in cost, typically falling between £800 and £2,400, based on the number of threads needed.

          What are the Advantages of Thread Lift in Turkey?

          There are many advantages of PDO Thread Lift in Turkey. Turkey with its strategic location is easy to access from both Europe and Asia. The flights are cheap, and the accommodation even in 5-star or up hotels is affordable. The prices of cosmetic procedures when compared with the European clinics, offer the best treatment to less costs. Besides the budget-friendly prices, Turkey is a very beautiful country where a combination of cultures can be explored.

          PDO Thread Lift in Turkey is performed with high success rates. The rate of complications and the downtime of PDO Thread Lift in Turkey is low, which means the individuals may enjoy their visiting time in Turkey.

          The physicians in Turkey have complete knowledge of the facial anatomy, this is a great advantage for enhancing and improving results.

          What are the Advantages of Thread Lift in Istanbul?

          There are many advantages of having a thread facelift in Istanbul. One of the most important advantages of thread facelift treatment is that no surgical operation is performed to tighten the skin. Like the treatment made in a short period and the person entering the healing process quickly after the treatment... In addition, the person sees the effect immediately and can see the maximum effect in a short time like 3 months.

          General anesthesia is not required in any way during the treatment of the method in Istanbul. The area is anesthetized with creams and the person is prevented from feeling any discomfort. One of the advantageous aspects of the method is that the person does not experience any negative complications after the treatment.

          Is It Safe to Get a Thread Lift Operation in Turkey?

          Of course, it is safe however people should know there are some possible thread lift risks. Those are rare but possible;
          • Difficulty opening the mouth is a temporary side effect of thread lift,
          • There may be an extrusion of a thread
          • Infection may be seen on the entry points for the threads
          • A persistent pain,
          • Sensitivity to sun or other bright light,
          • Swelling and bruising

          What are the Tips That Can Help the Thread Lift Healing Process?

          Thread facelift does not have any serious side effects as long as it is applied correctly and under appropriate conditions. Swelling, bruising, tenderness, slight edema, and dimples called dimples may occur in the treatment area. All these effects regress within 1-2 weeks and there is no scar on the skin at the end of the procedure. After the procedure, the patient can return to his or her daily life and put on make-up after 24 hours. It is recommended that people avoid dental practices, biting hard foods, lying on their stomachs, and situations that move their facial muscles excessively for 2 weeks after the thread facelift procedure.

          Top Reasons Why People Choose Turkey for Thread Lift

          The biggest reason why people prefer Turkey for non-surgical facelift treatment is the experience of doctors. Patients are diagnosed correctly. No unnecessary action is taken. It is one of the most deeply affecting non-surgical methods in Turkey. It acts on the deep face and neck layers and provides contraction. However, it is not a substitute for a facelift, and in Turkey, this is told to the patient. Facelift surgery will be a more appropriate method, especially in patients with significant skin sagging problems. However, it is a great facial rejuvenation procedure, especially for those who do not want to have surgery and who demand the regeneration effects resulting from tightening of the face and neck with a non-surgical method, melting of fat on the neck and stimulation of collagen on the face in general.

          What is the Best Country for Thread Lift?

          Turkey has been performing the thread face lift application for many years. Many experienced doctors perform this non-surgical practice. The more you do a process, the more cases you work with, the better your chances of getting good results. For this reason, Turkey ranks first in thread facelift.

          Is Turkey Good for Thread Lift?

          Thread facelift is one of the most common non-surgical treatments in Turkey. For this reason, it is an experienced treatment. This puts Turkey in the first place for thread facelift.

          What Are The Types of Thread Lift Procedures Offered in Turkey?

          Thread Lift cosmetic procedures are developing day by day. The aim of each of the innovative procedures is to create results that last longer. The types of thread lift offered in Turkey:

          French Thread facelift is one of the most popular methods of thread lift cosmetic procedures. French thread facelift is a highly successful method that has long-lasting results. French thread facelift targets to reconstruct and lift the facial lines, lip, nose, jaw, and neck region lines.

          The 6D Platinum Laser procedure is performed to eliminate lines and wrinkles, lift the cheeks, open up the eyes, and get glowing skin.  The 6D Platinum Laser is a painless treatment that is performed between 60-90 minutes and healing with little to no downtime.

          Spider Web aesthetics is one of the most effective facelift treatments that help to improve skin rejuvenation without surgery. The most beneficial part of this treatment is it allows a quick return to daily activities including putting on makeup afterward the procedure.

          Is Thread Lift Surgery Safe in Turkey?

          Thread facelift is one of the most common non-surgical treatments in Turkey. Experienced doctors allow this technique to be performed very safely. With aging, the loosening of the skin layers in the face area hangs down with the effect of gravity. For people who are disturbed by this saggy appearance, thread face lifting, that is, a non-surgical facelift, is applied. Threads specially produced for the process in Turkey are placed under the skin, and the sagging face oval is recovered upwards. Suspension with a rope can be effective in sagging in the jawline, eyebrows, and neck sagging in the face area.

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