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Fox Eyes & Bella Eyes

It is the result of fox eyes performed by Metin Kerem, MD. For reference purposes only, results may vary.

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The Fox Eye, also described as Bella eyes or cat eyes, is a preferred eye lift procedure that keeps gaining popularity. In today's aesthetic world, almost everything is possible, and you can change everything in your face and body.

In this fox eye lift procedure, a surgeon reshapes your eyes and makes them look like the famous supermodel Bella Hadid's eyes. This procedure requires a slight surgical intervention when the surgeon performs it with threads.

Temporal brow lift procedures can make the fox eye effect, too. If desired or necessary, it can be combined with other eyelid and eye area operations. Another option for creating a cat-eye look is to use fillers or Botox treatment on the eyebrows.

The Bella eyes procedure is the same as the Fox Eye. This procedure is also known as Bella Eyes because it became popular with the eye shape of the famous supermodel Bella Hadid.

Women who desire to have eyes like Bella Hadid visit cosmetic clinics to gain that look the same as Bella. Bella Hadid is not the only celebrity with fox eyes.

fox eyes

Kendall Jenner, the Kardashians and actresses Megan Fox and Blake Lively are other celebrities with almond-shaped eyes defined as fox eyes.

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You can have Bella Eyes in two ways. In option one, you can choose dermal fillers or Botox injections to lift the outer corner of your eyebrows.

In option two, the surgeons perform a minimal surgical procedure doing small incisions around the outer corner of your upper eyelids to insert the threads that will lift your eyes.

Both of the options have different costs. The fox eye lift performed with fillers may cost around 1.000$  and the second option with threads is 3.000$.

If you choose to have a brow lift, the cost of the procedure will be higher than the other options because an anesthesia team will accompany the surgeon during the fox eye procedure.

İstanbul, the most famous and crowded city in Turkey, has many well-known surgeons and renowned clinics. The price range of a fox eye lift changes between 1.000$ to 5.000$. If you consider having a brow lift, the price range will be higher.

The price of the procedure changes depending on a few factors. What affects the price are the surgeon, the place of the clinic and the type of procedure that the surgeon will perform to create the fox eye look on your eyes.

There are several ways of having fox eye lift:
Endoscopic Brow Lift
The endoscopic brow lift is a surgical procedure that requires general anesthesia. The surgeon does small incisions under the skin behind the hairline and then uses an endoscope to pull temporal, and elevate the eyebrows.

This procedure if we look at the fox eyes before and after photos, It gives a younger look to the patients while creating a Bella eyes effect on the eyes. It is a preferred method because the results of the endoscopic temporal eyebrow lift method are permanent.
Also, in this procedure, a mid-face lift can also be performed in order to restore the oval shape of the face. In this way, a harmonious and attractive appearance is obtained on the eyebrows, eyes and middle face.

The absence of visible scars after the procedure also makes this procedure more attractive. The results will be visible within two weeks.
Although this procedure is similar to the lateral eyebrow lifting method, the goal in lateral eyebrow lifting is not to change the shape of the eye, but to correct low-looking eyebrows. For this reason, the endoscopic temporal brow lift method is more preferred because it is more comprehensive.
Classic Brow Lift
The classic brow lift is another surgical procedure which requires general anesthesia. A traditional brow lift uses larger incisions, and there is a scar risk in time. Surgeons tighten the skin by cutting out the sagging tissue.
Bella eye surgery or lets say classic Brow Lift, is an older technique compared to the endoscopic temporal brow lift method.

Since the endoscopic temporal brow lift method is more comprehensive and more modern technique,  the classical surgical temporal brow lift procedure has remained in the background.

fox eyes
The Fox Eye Thread Lift (PDO Threading)
The fox eye thread lift is a minimally invasive procedure. It comes popular with Bella Hadid and the other name of the treatment is fox eyes Bella Hadid.

The surgeon inserts threads under the skin at the outer corners of the eyes and lifts the eyes. These threads pull the eyes and sagging tissue and create a better and younger look. This procedure requires local anesthetics.
Botox and Dermal Fillers
Botox injections and dermal fillers are nonsurgical fox eye lift options. Botox and dermal fillers are two effective ways of repairing small wrinkles around the eyes.

While refreshing and tightening the skin around the eyes and eyebrows, Botox and dermal injections create a fox eye effect by pulling the eye corners up.
Brow Lift and Fox Eye Lift Differences
A brow lift aims to lift the eyebrows, and the fox eye lift procedures create almond-shaped eyes. Both the eye lift and eyebrow lift affect the eyes. However, a fox eye lift procedure cannot change the shape of the eyebrows, while a brow lift may change the shape of the eyes.
Fox eye lift is an intervention that directly changes the shape of the eye. It is not possible to lift eyebrows by only performing almond eye aesthetics.
A lateral brow lift is another option to raise the brows. It is different from a classic brow lift and raises only the outer parts of the eyebrows.

Fox Eyes Surgery has increasing popularity, and there are both advantages and disadvantages of the procedure.



  • Your eyes will look younger and refreshed after having an eyelift.

  • Recovery is easy.

  • You will have the appearance that you desire.

  • The procedure takes less than an hour and doesn't require anesthesia.

fox eyes


  • The results are not permanent and last six months to 1 year.

  • There is a risk of having uneven eyebrows after the procedure.

The main risk of the Fox Eye Lift is scarring and uneven eyebrows or eye shape. Bruising, swelling and pain are the common side effects of this procedure.

Surgeons perform the Fox Eyes procedure in different ways. If you choose to have Bella Eyes with injectable fillers, the surgeons will use dermal injections to lift the outer edges of your eyebrows. The results will last a few months, depending on your skin type.

fox eyes

In the second option, the surgeons insert threads inside the incisions they created around the outer edge of your eyes. The cosmetic thread lift inserted inside your skin and attached to your bone under your eyebrows pulls the eyes and creates a Fox Eye look.

If your surgeon chooses surgical options like brow lifts, the procedure takes an hour, and recovery may take two weeks.

Bella Eyes procedure has easy recovery in both of the options that surgeons perform to create that Fox Eye look.

You should avoid doing a few things, such as doing heavy exercise for a week or exposing your face to direct sunlight following the procedure.

The longevity of a Fox Eye Lift changes depending on the procedure. Whether you use dermal fillers or thread lifts, the results will last no longer than a year.

If you opt for a brow lift, the results will be more permanent. 

Written on 23/10/2018


Last Update: 24/10/2023

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