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Buttock Augmentation

It is the result of buttock augmentation performed by Ekrem Keskin, MD. For reference purposes only, results may vary.

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Buttock augmentation surgery is a very popular procedure that improves the shape of the buttock by enhancing the butts in different ways.

There are two main options of buttock augmentation: fat grafting/transfer (also known as Brazilian Butt Lift) and buttock implants.

When it is necessary, butt implant surgery is combined with fat transfer to create a more natural-looking result.

Every healthy man and woman above 18 can improve the balance of their figure with the help of butt enhancement surgeries.

buttock augmentation

Since male buttocks may need enhancement too, there are men who seek a solution to have big and stronger butts. Men's butt implants are just like women's butt implants.

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The right candidates for Buttock Augmentation has to carry some specific features such as;

  • Adults with physically healthy

  • The individuals who has realistic and reasonable expectations

  • The individuals with small butt, asymmetrical butt

  • The individuals who are unhappy with the roundness or general shape of the butt

  • The individuals who has sagging or flattening butt caused by weight loss or age

  • Nonsmokers

are ideal candidates for Buttock Augmentation

Each buttock augmentation procedure is unique and the appropriate technique will be determined due to the individual's needings.

The size and shape of the butt, the amount of fat that the individual has in the area, skin quality and elasticity, the goals and activity level will determine which type of procedure will be applied.

Buttock augmentation

Buttock Augmentation with implant procedure is performed under intravenous sedation or general anesthesia. To replace the silicone implant specially made for the buttocks your surgeon will make an incision.

After inserting and positioning implants the incisions will be closed by sutures, skin adhesive or surgical tape. With this method the results are permanent and the results are immediately visible right after the surgery.

Buttock Augmentation with Brazilian butt lift procedure, is performed under general anesthesia for to make the individuals feel no pain. The plastic surgeon will make small incisions to replace the cannula which will help to remove the excess fat.

To perform a Brazilian butt lift usually 300 ccs to 500 ccs amount of fat is needed on each side. The plastic surgeon will purify the fat that’s removed and inject them through the small incisions which are opened around the buttock.

After as the procedure is done the liposuction and fat transfer incisions will be closed.

While preparing for a buttock augmentation the individuals will be asked to get a detailed blood test. According to the blood test results the surgeon will decide if the surgery fits to you or not.

When the schedule is planned,  the surgeon will ask the individuals quit smoking and avoid taking aspirin and certain anti-inflammatory drugs as they can increase bleeding.

It is important to inform the physician about the medications that you are taking regularly.

Before butt augmentation procedures, without looking which procedure is chosen the individuals will go under general anesthesia. The surgeon may also give an antibiotic to prevent infection.

Buttock augmentation surgery is performed by plastic surgeons. The patients are given general anesthesia and the surgery takes 2 to 4 hours depending on the method.

Method 1: Buttock Augmentation With Butt Implants- This is the most common technique that is used to add volume to flat rears. Implants that are used in this procedure are harder than breast implants.

These are artificial devices filled with silicone. The surgeon makes a small incision and places the implants within the gluteal muscles.

buttock augmentation

Method 2: Brazilian Butt Lift (Fat Transfer)- During a BBL surgery, the surgeon chooses an area (generally waist, tummy, or thighs) to remove excess fat and then injects it into the buttocks.

This procedure provides an additional benefit to the patient: it reduces fat pocket in common problem areas.

After Buttock Augmentation procedure, the surgeon will wrap the affected areas with a compression band to reduce bleeding.

The individuals will be taken to a recovery room, where they will wake up from anesthesia and monitor the overall health of the individual after the procedure.

After Buttock Augmentation procedure, it is normal to feel dazed, and there may be sore on the affected areas. After the procedure prepare for a "daylong" staying in the hospital. When all the monitoring results turn to normal the individuals will be discharged.

buttock augmentation

The first 24 hours you may need someones support. It is important to arrange a family member or friend drive you home and take care of you after Buttock Augmentation procedure.

The cost of a buttock augmentation varies depending on the technique. If your surgeon performs the BBL technique, the surgery will include liposuction and fat injections.

If your butt surgery is done with the other technique, then the cost of the procedure will be changing depending on the butt implants' brand.

Your doctor's experience level and the location of the hospital will also affect the price of a buttock enlargement.

Recovery from butt implant surgery takes time. It may take up to six months. During this time, the individuals has to obey some rules listed below;

buttock augmentation


  • It is important to avoid prolonged sitting for about two weeks or more. If sitting is required than sit on a pillow. The individuals will have to wait to take a shower for 24 to 48 hours.

  • After the procedure the sleeping position is also important. Don't lay on your back, sleep on your stomach.

  • There may be some surgical drains, the surgeon will give detailed information about using the drains.

  • Wearing compression garments will decrease the side effects of the procedure.

  • You may need to wait several weeks to a month before returning to work.

  • Going on a healthy diet and eating a high-protein diet will  assist the healing period.

  • Stay away from strenuous activities and exercises. 

The pros of Buttock Augmentation;

  • It has greater effect

  • It is usually one time procedure

  • It has long lasting result

  • It treats loose skin very effectively    

The cons of Buttock Augmentation;

  • It usually requires general anesthetic

  • It has a longer recovery time

  • During recovery it has some special "not to do list" like avoid sitting directly on the bottom, sleep on the stomack...

  • It has a long time off work.

  • It can be expensive

  • It has risks of surgery


Buttock Augmentation procedures are done under general anesthesia, so the individuals will not gain pain during the procedure.

buttock augmentation

After the Buttock Augmentation it is common to suffer pain during the first 2 weeks. During this period the pain killers will help.

Winter is the ideal season for Buttock Augmentation. Recovery period from Buttock Augmentation is long and needs extra care. Winter lets the individuals feel more comfortable from many sides.

First of all the individuals will feel minimal discomfort. In the hot season the compression garments and bandages may be especially uncomfortable, and sweat may even cause skin irritation.

Also winter is a great time to stay inside and hibernate which is exactly what your body needs to recover quickly and thoroughly.

Results of a Buttock Augmentation surgery is permanent, as long as the individuals maintain a healthy weight.

buttock augmentation

Results of a Buttock Augmentation with a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure are also permanent, once initial healing is complete about 60% of the fat cells will remain in their new location.

The complications and side effects of Buttock Augmentation surgery range from mild to severe, depending on surgery type and other factors. Rare but possible complications and side effects are;

  • Chronic pain

  • Seroma

  • Hematoma

  • Fat necrosis

  • Permanent sensation loss.

  • Permanent scarring.

  • Severe infection.

  • Undesirable appearance.

Butt lift is a surgical procedure that is generally performed after massive weight loss to reshape the buttocks by removing the sagging tissue and tightening the remaining tissue.

Butt lift surgeries are usually combined with buttock augmentation methods.

A person

buttock augmentation

  • Who is under 18

  • Who has a chronic disease like diabetes

  • Who is obese

  • Who has cancer

  • Who is pregnant or breastfeeding is not a good candidate for butt enhancement surgery.

Injectable butt lifts are non-surgical options to create a Brazilian ass. In this method, fat transfer or filler injections make your butts appear rounder.
Sculptra, which is made of a biocompatible material called poly-L-lactic acid, is popular filler that is used to create significant results in buttocks.
Another filler, called Aquafilling, which is made of 97-98% sodium chloride solution, 2-3% polyamide hydrophilic gel, is used to give volume to buttocks.
Non-Surgical Buttock Augmentation Options: Injectable Butt Lifts

Injectable butt lifts are non-surgical options to create a Brazilian Butt. In this method, filler injections make your butts appear rounder.
Sculptra, which is made of a biocompatible material called poly-L-lactic acid, is a popular filler which has FDA approval that is used to create significant results in buttocks. Sculptra is also referred to as Newfill or Newfilla brand in some countries. This filler is no longer in Turkey. Turkey distributorship ended in 2011.
Another filler, called Los Deline- older brand name was Aquafilling- , which is made of 97-98% sodium chloride solution, 2-3% polyamide hydrophilic gel, is used to give volume to buttocks. Los Deline has a CE certificate and some doctors perform this filler.

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