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Lip Filler

It is the result of lip filler performed by Zahide Eriş, MD. For reference purposes only, results may vary.

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Lip fillers are the injections that contains hyaluronic acid which helps to make the lips bigger, restore volume or improve the shape of the lips.

Hyaluronic acid is an ingredient that is produced naturally in the body. In time due to the aging factors the production of hyaluronic acid starts to decrease. Lips are the most affected areas from the lost of hyaluronic acid, and with the help of lip fillers it is possible to turn time back.

Lip filler is the most common lip augmentation method.

Lip fillers are different from lip implants, they are temporary. Since it disintegrates through time, the individuals may expect a couple of months to a year effectiveness. After this period it has to be redone.

Any one who wants to have plumper and shapely lips might want to get lip fillers.

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lip filler treatment

  • Any healthy person who is older than 18

  • Any person who has a reasonable desire to have plumper and shapely lips

  • Any person whose lips have lost collagen and fat due to aging are the right candidates for lip filler

Lip filler is done under local or topical anesthesia, by injecting the filler substance into the lips with the help of  fine needles or thin cannulas. The procedure takes about a hour.

While preparing for the "Lip Filler" procedure there are some important points that the individuals has to take care.

First of all starting from a  couple of days before getting lip filler injections, the individuals has to stop taking blood thinners such as aspirin, ibuprofen, Vitamin E, or fish oil supplements.

pink lip

Some habits such as smoking, drinking may also cause bleeding and has negative effects on healing time. Especially the night before the procedure, the individuals must avoid drinking, as it may cause excessive bleeding and extra swelling and bruising.

While preparing for a Lip Filler procedure it is important not to have any active infection around the mouth area.

If the individual has acne, herpes or an infection of some other kind in and around the target area it is necessary to wait until the healing is completed.

Before a lip filler procedure, the new look of the lips will be planned due to the individuals face shape and features.

The photos of the individual will be taken for the medical record and also these photos will help to see the differences before the lip filler and after the lip filler applied.

During a lip filler procedure, a topical anesthetic creams  will be applied for to numb the lips. This will help to feel comfortable and experience less pain. The topical anesthetic creams often contains benzocaine, lidocaine and tetracaine (BLT).

After the lips gets numb (it takes around 15 to 30 minutes) the injections will be applied with the help of a thin needle.

The lip fillers are applied into any or all parts of the lips. Right after the procedure an ice pack will be applied to minimize swelling and bruising. The entire procedure takes around a hour.

After lip filler procedure the individual will be under control for about 15 minutes for to ensure there is no dizziness, nausea or substantial bleeding and any other side effects.

lip filler

During that time the individual may continue to apply ice pack on the lips. After the procedure the individuals may go back to their daily routine.​​​​​

Lip fillers cost from $250 to $600, depending on the brand of filler, the amount of filler you want (0,5 ml or 1ml lip filler), the city you live in, and the doctor who performs the procedure.

After lip filler procedure the individuals may experience  swollen, sensitive and bruised on and around the lip area.

It is recommended to apply an ice pack in the first 24 hours -for up to 10 minutes each hour- to reduce inflammation, pain and swelling. After 48 hours the individuals may start to see the results.

Pros of Lip Filler

  • Lip filler procedure is non-invasive

  • The procedure stimulates the collagen production

  • Lip fillers typically have long-lasting results,

  • Lip fillers help to create a natural appearance

after lip filler

Cons of Lip Filler


  • Like any procedure, lip fillers may cause some side effects such as bleeding, bruising, swelling and discomfort.

  • Rare but possible the individuals may experience scarring or irregularities.

  • Some allergic reactions may be seen

  • The results are temporary


Lip fillers aren't permanent, the results are temporary. Lip fillers which have hyaluronic acid in their formula, last four to twelve months according to your metabolism.
The permanence of lip fillers is one of the frequently asked questions about the procedure.
"I have recently got Teosyal lip fillers but it wore off quickly. What might have caused this, the brand, or the amount of filler they chose?", asks a user. 
"The permanence of lip fillers is six to eight months. They may have injected inadequate amount of filler or maybe you get used to your look that you can't feel the difference and you think that your filler is absorbed", replies Dr.Süleyman Taş, while Dr.Önder Tan says: "The permanence of lip fillers varies depending on the metabolism of the patient and the type of filler we use and lasts six to twelve months."


lip filler before after

Lip filler procedure can be planned anytime of the year.

Depending on the individuals metabolism, lip fillers last 12 to 18 months

First day after lip filler procedure the individuals experience lots of swelling. The multiple time injections are the reason that cause swelling in the first 48 hours.

After 2 days up to 4 days there will be more swelling and the individuals may experience a little bit sore on the lips.

Lip swelling starts to subside starting from the 5th day after the procedure and the individuals may start to enjoy the new look of their lips. After 2 weeks following the procedure lip swelling will be minimal, and bruising will resolve.

For the filler to fully settle the individuals have to wait until 4 weeks. In and around 4 weeks the filler will be settle into the lip tissues, and the lips are healed!

Lip filler procedure is performed under local anesthesia, besides many hyaluronic acid fillers contain lidocaine in them to block pain. Because of that lip fillers are not.

  • People with diabetes

  • People with lupus disease

  • People who have active cold sore or wound on their lips

  • People who have to take blood thinners are not good candidates for lip fillers.

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Last Update: 20/10/2023

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