What Are the Symptoms Requiring Nose Aesthetics?

Do you often experience headaches and bad breath? The problem may actually be your nose. Many problems with nasal function can actually cause many symptoms that you have never heard of before. We can summarize the symptoms that require you to have rhinoplasty as follows:

  • nasal congestion

  • mouth breathing

  • dry mouth

  • decreased sense of smell

  • Nose bleeding

  • Frequent sinus infections

  • Headaches caused by sinus pressure

  • Chronic bad breath

  • hypernasal tone of voice

  • Difficulty breathing through one or both nostrils

What Are the Tests Performed Before Nose Aesthetics?

In order to understand that your general health is good before rhinoplasty, your doctor first questions your medical history.

The most important question your doctor will ask you is about your motivation for the surgery and what your goals are. Your physical exam will be done and your doctor will order a lab test, including blood tests. These are usually:

  • complete blood count

  • PT and PTT to see if there is a clotting problem

  • HIV Test

  • HBsAg test

  • HCV Ab test

  • pregnancy test for women

  • fasting blood sugar

What Should Be Considered When Choosing a Doctor?

Choosing which doctor to have this application is as important as deciding on rhinoplasty and rhinoplasty surgery.

Because rhinoplasty is often considered the most difficult procedure in plastic surgery, finding the best rhinoplasty surgeon is essential to achieve the best rhinoplasty results. We recommend that you pay attention to the following when choosing a rhinoplasty doctor:

  • Search for credentials, check out their tutorials. Your rhinoplasty surgeon must be a Plastic Surgeon or Ear Nose and Throat Specialist.

  • A surgeon who understands both the aesthetic and functional aspects of rhinoplasty? Choose a surgeon who specializes in nose surgery.

  • It requires significant experience and training to achieve predictable results. Find out how many nose surgeries the doctor has performed to date.

  • See results before and after rhinoplasty. Most rhinoplasty surgeons have a portfolio of samples comparing before and after photos. You can tell a lot about your potential results by seeing their previous work.

  • Before rhinoplasty, they should analyze your photos with you and show you the intended results graphically. Some doctors prefer to draw, while others use programs that display your photos on the computer afterward.

  • Trust your instincts. A rhinoplasty surgeon who understands your goals, expectations and desires has established the best communication with you. Communication is very important and you should feel comfortable with your surgeon.

What awaits you at the Hospital on the Day of Nose Aesthetic Surgery?

  • Although it varies depending on the hospital where your operation will be performed, when you arrive at the hospital, you will be greeted by the staff who will take you through the hospital admission process before going to your room.
    The admissions process is a standard hospital process and requires you to fill out a series of forms. These forms contain your personal information.

  • After entering your room, you can open your bag and settle in its contents. Health personnel will help you in this regard and explain the details.

  • The nurse comes to your room to measure your blood pressure and open your vascular access. It can also measure your height and weight if it hasn't been done before.

  • Your surgeon will come and see how you are doing and answer any last-minute questions you may have. You sign a consent form, read this form carefully and then sign it. With this consent form, you allow the operation to take place.

  • You will then be transferred to a stretcher and taken to the operating room.

If you are wondering what awaits you after rhinoplasty and what happens day after day after rhinoplasty, it would be useful to take a look at our article.

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