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How Long is Rhinoplasty Recovery Time?: Nose Job Recovery

Recovery from rhinoplasty varies, with swelling and bruising common after surgery. It's essential to refrain from blowing your nose initially. Returning to work depends on the individual, with gradual improvements expected over time. 

Closed rhinoplasty techniques may minimize scarring, while delicate care is needed for bone and cartilage. Following post-operative instructions diligently ensures a smoother recovery, with personalized guidance from your surgeon recommended.

What to Expect During Rhinoplasty Recovery?

Recovery duration varies based on individual factors and the chosen rhinoplasty method. Closed rhinoplasty involves two internal incisions, while open rhinoplasty adds an external incision along the columella. 

Open rhinoplasty may result in more swelling and visible scarring. Overall, rhinoplasty recovery typically spans around 3 months, with final results visible within a year, emphasizing the importance of consulting with plastic surgeons for personalized advice.

What is the Rhinoplasty Timeline?

24 Hours After Rhinoplasty Surgery 

You may feel sleepy and fall asleep more often 24 hours after your rhinoplasty surgery. This is related to the sedation or general anesthesia you receive.

For this reason, you should not drive within 24 hours of waking up. You can walk around your house, but your focus should be on rest.

48 Hours After Rhinoplasty Surgery

You may still feel tired 2 days after the operation. We recommend walking to restore blood flow to normal. However, you should still focus on rest and recommend sensitive wear clothing.

It would make more sense to watch your favorite movies rather than playing an intense computer game.

5 Days After Rhinoplasty Surgery

Five days after the operation, you can return to your work or school if you are doing a desk job. If your job requires a lot of physical exertion, you should wait ten days to return to work. You may be feeling fine, but your skin hasn't healed yet.

Two Weeks After Rhinoplasty Surgery

Every body heals at a different rate. Some may feel great, while others may need a little more rest. 

Three to Four Weeks After Rhinoplasty Surgery

Three to four weeks after the operation, you can do moderate-intensity cardiovascular activities such as swimming and jogging.

But remember, your cartilage and bones aren't fully stable yet, so you should still avoid resistance exercises and high-intensity cardiovascular exercise. 

Six Weeks After Rhinoplasty Surgery

Six weeks after the operation, the cartilage and bones in your nose will be fully settled. There will be no restrictions on sports. You are free to run as much as you want and lift as much weight as you want.

You can also wear glasses and blow your nose again. However, we recommend that you consult your doctor for these. 

What are the Tips to Speed Up Rhinoplasty Recovery Time?

Tips to reduce swelling after rhinoplasty include:

1. Apply cold compresses to the eyes and forehead during the initial days, ensuring the compress does not put pressure on the splint.

2. Protect your face from the sun for several months to minimize swelling.

3. Elevate your head higher than your heart while sleeping to reduce swelling.

4. Avoid bending over or lifting weights for about two weeks to prevent increased swelling and potential bleeding due to raised blood pressure.

5. Protect your nose from impacts, avoiding activities like picking up small children or pets.

6. Sleep with the head of your bed elevated for at least two weeks post-surgery.

7. Refrain from forcefully trying to draw air out of your nose, as it can exacerbate congestion.

8. Avoid forcefully blowing your nose for several weeks or until instructed by your surgeon to prevent bleeding.

9. Expect bloody nasal discharge on the night of surgery and in the first few days afterward, which will gradually decrease and become more watery.

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