The Ultimate Guide to Rhinoplasty in Turkey: Expert Insights and Cost

Rhinoplasty in Turkey Nose job, which are increasingly popular among cosmetic surgeries in Turkey, are successfully ...

Rhinoplasty in Turkey

Nose job, which are increasingly popular among cosmetic surgeries in Turkey, are successfully performed. The main aim of nasal job is the inconsistency of the nose appearance with the facial features of the individual. Individuals deciding on rhinoplasty specify the dimension they are uncomfortable with and the dimension they desire following their facial features.

A cosmetic operation design suitable for the facial structure and nose is made with their doctor's advice. A nose job operation that is compatible with the individual's face is performed. With today's advancing technology, rhinoplasty in Turkey is extremely safe and affordable. Expert estheticians and doctors create a reliable basis for nose surgery.

Before surgery, the person should consult his doctor to determine the desired nose structure and model. When performing nose job in Turkey for hooked noses, doctors consider factors such as breathing problems, bone structure, and face shape when determining the patient's condition, and also depict the model determined by the patient.

Rhinoplasty surgery can be performed both for aesthetic appearance and to eliminate breathing problems. During nose job surgery, while shaping your nose to the most suitable form for your face, we can also eliminate conditions that adversely affect your breathing function, such as deviation and hypertrophy of the nasal conchae or hooked nose. Thus, the nose structure gaining aesthetic appearance will also eliminate the breathing problem.

What is Rhinoplasty?


Rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job, is a surgical procedure performed to alter the shape of the nose for aesthetic purposes. It defines nasal surgeries, aiming to provide a safe and comfortable nasal operation with the correct method.

There are two methods of operation: open and closed. The difference between open and closed rhinoplasty lies in the incision. Generally, open rhinoplasty is preferred. Although closed rhinoplasty is preferred in cases where there is not much deformity in the nose shape, this operation choice is rare.

Facial harmony is the most sensitive issue an individual pays attention to. Facial expressions, gestures, and facial shapes are the details that make a person significant. Since the nose is one of the most important organs emphasizing facial beauty, it is natural for most individuals to want to change their nose appearance.

A deformity in the nose shape can negatively affect an individual psychologically in social life. Nasal shape deformity that causes psychological concerns also affects the respiratory system of the individual. Comfortable breathing is important for the health system.

How is Open Rhinoplasty Performed?

Open rhinoplasty, one of the most preferred methods of nasal aesthetics surgery, is performed with specified issues. A strong doctor-patient relationship before the operation supports the patient not being anxious about the operation. By determining the shape of the nose with the doctor, a suitable choice is determined for the facial expression and structure.

The doctor takes photos of the patient and adapts the desired nose shape to the photo to convey it to the patient. Then, the nose shape and application are determined. The open-technique rhinoplasty operation begins with an incision applied to the outer part of the nostrils.

A V-shaped incision is made to the columella section of the nose and continues from the inner surface while removing tissues. Desired interventions are made to the bone and cartilage tissue as the nose is opened. At the end of the aesthetic operation, the incisions are closed with stitches.

Post-Rhinoplasty Care

It is always important to pay attention to the process after nasal surgery. Acting consciously and following the doctor's instructions are important. Breathing and respiratory exercises, and drinking plenty of water are recommended.

Avoid strenuous physical activities in the first weeks after surgery. Limit the use of glasses and avoid touching the nose surface frequently. It is important to always protect the nose to stay away from potential dangers. To increase nose sensitivity, avoid factors that will increase it, reduce smoking, and stay in touch with your doctor in case of infection possibilities.

Preference for Rhinoplasty in Turkey


Rhinoplasty operations are frequently preferred in Turkey. The main reasons for this are high-quality healthcare services, advanced medical equipment, skilled surgeons, professional healthcare delivery, reasonable pricing, reliability, and the country's status as a developed nation.

Having plastic surgery in Turkey is preferred due to its location. Due to Turkey's culture and location, patients coming to Turkey are satisfied with the place they go to, thanks to the quality rooms and service. In addition, budget-friendly and low-cost aesthetic applications are also performed by specialist doctors.

Rhinoplasty in Turkey; It is more affordable compared to other countries. In this regard, it is possible to perform successful nose surgery at affordable prices.

How is the Rhinoplasty Cost Determined in Turkey?


When the cost of rhinoplasty in Turkey is compared to other countries, it stands out with its more affordable prices and quality service. Rhinoplasty prices in Turkey vary depending on various factors. Fees vary between 3,000 and 10,000 euros, depending on factors such as the surgeon's experience, surgery requirements, patient's required tests and surgery costs, and hospital service. The doctor prepares a plan for the requests that are completely customized in line with the patient's request and determines the price for the entire process.

Turkey has become a specialized country in rhinoplasty due to its surgeons who are experts and have extensive experience in this field. Renowned surgeons are often chosen and their reputations spread because of their successful and safe operations.

Additionally, rhinoplasty in Turkey is priced reasonably compared to the exorbitant pricing of aesthetic surgeries elsewhere. Offering the best services at reasonable prices, Turkey provides reliable service with both its location and successful rhinoplasty operations.

Rhinoplasty in Turkey attracts attention with its advanced technology and patient satisfaction in every aspect. Surgeons who provide professional healthcare services by paying close attention to their patients always ensure reliability and follow their patients meticulously.

Reliable Surgeons in Turkey

Rhinoplasty doctors in Turkey are very reliable and experienced in their work. Most surgeons graduated from Turkey's leading medical faculties and educational institutions. The reliability of doctors increases according to patient satisfaction.

Patient comments and satisfaction are important details that reveal the reliability of the doctor in Turkey. For rhinoplasty in Turkey, doctors aim to offer the best results to patients by using modern and advanced medical technology and advancing in line with current surgical approaches.

These doctors prioritize patient satisfaction by constantly receiving training in their fields and keeping their knowledge up to date with technology. Rhinoplasty doctors in Turkey are licensed by the Turkish Medical Association and are officially licensed to perform aesthetics. Thanks to skilled surgeons, it becomes possible for patients to get the best results.

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