All About Nabota, Turkey's New Botox

Everything You Need to Know About the New Botox Nabota In Turkey, two botulinum toxins Botox and Dysport approved by ...

Everything You Need to Know About the New Botox Nabota

In Turkey, two botulinum toxins Botox and Dysport approved by the Ministry of Health were used, now a new one has been added: Nabota!

This product, like the others, is a drug and has been used in all countries of the world for a long time, and it also has FDA approval.

Nabota, which is produced from a single factory in South Korea, is marketed under different names in different countries.

The product, known as Jeuveau in America, took its place in the market as Nabota in our country. We asked our doctors about this new botox:

What is Nabota (PrabotulinumtoxinA-xvfs)?


Nabota is the latest neurotoxin on the market approved by the Department of Health to treat moderate to severe frown lines, also known as the glabella area.

It received FDA approval in February 2019. It is produced in South Korea under the name Nabota® and is also used in various muscle ailments. In the US market, it is sold under the name Jeuveau.

What is the Duration and Persistence of Nabota?

It is an injection into the muscle complex of the glabella. It is injected into the corrugated muscles. It is a neuromodulator, that is, a muscle relaxant. Let's look at the studies: 85% effect starts on the 2nd day.

The average duration of the Nabota neuromodulator after optimal dosing is said to be between 6-8 months, unlike other neurotoxins currently on the market.

It's testing in a narrower area, and that's something we love, it's important for security. 

What is the Difference Between Jeuveau and Nabota?


Nabota is a brand new in Turkey and known as Jeuveau in America. Jeuveau is FDA approved in the US market and approved in Nabota, South Korea.

It is produced by the same company and the different names are for marketing purposes and different packaging only. Both are the same drugs made from the type of prabotulinumtoxin A-xvfs tonin.

What is the Difference Between Nabota and Botox?

They are essentially the same class of drugs, under a class of neurotoxins. Both are produced from Toxin type A and administered by an injection with similar efficacy and duration ranges.

They're just like Coke and Pepsi. Some people don't care and don't notice the difference, while others say they feel the difference.

What is the Difference Between Nabota and Dysport?


The difference is in the toxin name and dosage administered, but the efficacy for a patient is essentially the same.

The patient should try both and determine for himself whether he has a preference and notices any difference in the effect and duration of the product.

What are the Most Common Side Effects of Nabota?

As with other brands, redness, tenderness, swelling, bruises at the injection site are common and very mild side effects reported immediately after the injection.

You should not undergo treatment if you have a history of severe allergic reaction to any or all of the other neurotoxins on the market, including Botox, Dysport.

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