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Closed technique rhinoplasty for thick skin

Hello, I am going to write about the covered technical rhinoplasty that I had done out of fear, having a thick-skinned nose. Read More

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Ya*** Ozan Erol, MD - 18.08.2023

Three surgeries, three good results

Dr. Azer Zeynalov is a very good plastic surgeon. He had my rhinoplasty, liposuction and BBL done. I am very happy with the Read More

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My rhinoplasty that I had 25 days ago

25 days ago I had Dr. Naser's nose job done. I want to talk about him first. An incredibly visionary, fatherly, and Read More

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My wizard doctor

My dear doctor, my architect! It was not wrong ten years ago :)) I can't thank him enough for the ultra-wonderful Read More

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Ali Dogan, MD is a great doctor

I had the surgery a year ago, I was so pleased that I went to Botox, and I am normally a person who faints from needles, an Read More

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Do*** Ali Dogan, MD - 11.04.2023

I have a tiny, sweet nose after rhinoplasty

At the end of my long doctor research, I met Dr. Ozan. It's been exactly one week since my surgery, and my casts are out. Read More

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Ed*** Ozan Erol, MD - 31.03.2023

Dr. Emre is a very successful doctor in rhinoplasty

It is a great chance for me to meet Dr. Emre and get my nose done. There are many doctors in the industry, but Dr. Emre is a Read More

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Da*** Emre Gonenc Baygol, MD 3100 - 4500 08.10.2022

My experience with Dr. Emery

My experience with Dr. Emery in rhinoplasty is one of the happiest and most beautiful experiences. He is really a wonderful, Read More

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Ma*** Emre Gonenc Baygol, MD 3100 - 4500 21.09.2022

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