My rhinoplasty that I had 25 days ago

25 days ago I had Dr. Naser's nose job done. I want to talk about him first. An incredibly visionary, fatherly, and Read More

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My wizard doctor

My dear doctor, my architect! It was not wrong ten years ago :)) I can't thank him enough for the ultra-wonderful Read More

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I have a tiny, sweet nose after rhinoplasty

At the end of my long doctor research, I met Dr. Ozan. It's been exactly one week since my surgery, and my casts are out. Read More

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Ed*** Ozan Erol, MD - 31.03.2023

My experience with Dr. Emery

My experience with Dr. Emery in rhinoplasty is one of the happiest and most beautiful experiences. He is really a wonderful, Read More

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Ma*** Emre Gonenc Baygol, MD 3100 - 4500 21.09.2022

Result of closed rhinoplasty surgery

After the rhinoplasty, I went to Dr. Yucel Birinci for a check-up on the 18th day. I have a natural nose. I am happy with the Read More

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Dr. Suleyman Tas and my comfortable rhinoplasty

I travelled from the UK for primary rhinoplasty and chin fat injections with Dr Suleyman Tas. My whole experience has been Read More

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Lo*** Suleyman Tas, MD - 1 Comment 24.06.2022

Thanks to Suleyman Tas, I look youthful

I am very happy After my nose job and my skin care results, my skin glowin and looks more youthful. Thank you for everything Read More

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Lo*** Suleyman Tas, MD - 14.06.2022

Painless rhinoplasty is possible with Dr. Tayfun Demirel

I am satisfied with the result, my pain was almost non-existent. Actually, I have a slight crooked nose. People around me see Read More

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Ca*** Tayfun Demirel, MD 2500 - 3000 1 Comment 01.06.2022

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