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Dr. Ebru Topuz is a very successful physician

I had rhinoplasty twice before and it was deformed😡 I went to many doctors for my third surgery, but most of them did not Read More

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Ye*** Ebru Topuz, MD - 11.04.2023

I am glad that our paths crossed with Dr. Ozan Erol..

A doctor you can entrust yourself with blindly. Our paths crossed with Dr. Ozan many years ago and he was my only address for Read More

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Ku*** Ozan Erol, MD - 31.03.2023

I entrusted my revision rhinoplasty to Dr. Ebru Topuz

I had surgery for a bone curvature 10 years ago, but my nose was fused incorrectly. I was not satisfied at all. I searched Read More

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Ca*** Ebru Topuz, MD - 09.03.2022

Unsatisfied with revision rhinoplasty results.

My first nose job was done by Dr. Umit Taskin. The result was bad and I talked to him again. He said that if I had a second Read More

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Se*** Umit Taskin, MD - 09.09.2021

Dr. Suleyman Tas, Best Decision After 2 Bad Rhinoplasties

Dr. Suleyman Tas performed my revision rhinoplasty surgery. My previous experiences were bad. After having a negative Read More

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Bu*** Suleyman Tas, MD - 1 Comment 18.05.2020

My Revision rhinoplasty result

I had extremely narrow nostrils. I couldn't breathe before surgery. I d like to share my final result. I can breath Read More

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New nose from ribs by Dr. Tamer

Hello, I had surgery in Van city about 2 years ago. I had my surgery because I didn't like the shape of my nose. But Read More

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Yl*** Tamer Sakrak, MD - 25.12.2019

I am very satisfied with my revision rhinoplasty result

Dr. Naser's performed my revision rhinoplasty, I am very happy with the result, thank you very much... Read More

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