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Revision Rhinoplasty

It is the result of a revision rhinoplasty performed by Sercan Göde, MD. For reference purposes only, results may vary.

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Patients may suffer from breathing problems or undesired looks after having a nose job. If such a situation occurs, they consider a second surgery to correct the situation. This surgery called revision rhinoplasty is a complicated procedure.

The structure of the nose becomes more vulnerable after the first nose job. Because of this, revision rhinoplasty is challenging, even one of the most complicated aesthetic surgeries.

Briefly, revision rhinoplasty is a procedure with compelling details that surgeons perform to correct the nose after prior surgery.

Revision rhinoplasty is needed when the patients are not happy with the results of their prior rhinoplasty. Lack of satisfaction may originate from the unwanted appearance or malfunctioning of the nose.

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Sometimes a patient needs to have more than one revision rhinoplasty.

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Patients who are not pleased with the final appearance of their nose after the primary rhinoplasty are good candidates for revision rhinoplasty. However, only a surgeon can decide whether a patient is suitable for a secondary rhinoplasty or not.

Before having revision rhinoplasty, patients should be realistic about the results. And surgeons should be honest about the facts of secondary rhinoplasty.

Before undergoing revision rhinoplasty, the surgeon and his/her team review your medical history, closely examine your nose and other facial features, and learn about your personal aesthetic needs and goals. They also explain the entire procedure to the patient and help them set realistic expectations.

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It is recommended that you quit smoking a few days or weeks in advance. You should avoid certain types of medications, vitamins, and herbal supplements.

They are often asked to undergo detailed blood tests and diagnostic imaging tests of the nose. A few photos of the face and nose will also be taken at this stage.

On the day of the operation, the patient should wear comfortable clothes, not wear jewelry, not make-up, and have spare clothes with him or her if he or she will be hospitalized.

Eating and drinking must be stopped at least six hours before the operation.

The patient must be in the hospital at least two hours before the operation.

Two different procedures, major and minor, can be applied in revision rhinoplasty surgeries. Minor technique is applied for operations that require small touches. The major technique is applied for operations that require larger interventions.

In the minor technique, gentle filler for a limited area within a few minutes or filling the collapse that occurs in small proportions using cartilage or filler is performed. Minor surgeries take a very short time.

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The major technique, on the other hand, is used to reopen the nose and correct it if structural changes are needed. Revision rhinoplasty performed with the major technique is a much longer operation.

In most of these surgeries, extra cartilage is placed in the nose. Priority is given to the removal of the cartilage structure from the patient himself or herself. The cartilage tissue to be taken is obtained from the ears or the spine, or cadaver cartilage can be used.

The duration of revision rhinoplasty is between 1 to 3 hours. Patients are under general anesthesia during the surgery.

The first few hours after the surgery feeling dizzy and headache is usual. Nausea is also a common side effect of general anesthesia.

The most compelling side of revision rhinoplasty, the inability to breathe, occurs in the first couple of days following the surgery.

Since this is the second experience, the recovery is much easier than the prior rhinoplasty.

Patients will notice the results after a few months. However, the final results will be visible within a year.

Revision or secondary rhinoplasty operations are difficult cases for surgeons. The price will differ depending on the difficulty of the operation and the procedure to be performed.

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For this reason, it is not correct to give clear price information without an inspection. Revision nose surgeries start from $4000.

You can continue your normal activities 3 weeks after the surgery, provided that you do not do sports and extreme activities.

At the end of 30 days, even if you will recover so much that it is not obvious that you have had the surgery, you should be patient a little more to get the full results.

Over the next few months, the scars become paler and the swelling continues to subside. The swelling at the bridge of the nose is expected to decrease faster than at the tip of the nose.

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If there is still numbness at the tip of the nose, it completely asses during this period. If you have had a detailed nose tip revision, the recovery period can be expected to take up to a year.

Since every body is different, their reactions to the surgery will not be the same. Therefore, the recovery period for each patient is not expected to be the same.

It is not correct to determine the healing process of revision rhinoplasty with exact dates, but it is important to know the experiences of the patients who have undergone this surgery before you, so that you have an idea.


Since it is located right in the middle of our face, all the negativities in the nose that affect our expression from every angle can be easily removed with a second operation.

Thus, patients who have had rhinoplasty before do not have to live with a nose form that makes them unhappy.


Since revision rhinoplasty is performed on an area that has already been treated, it is much more complicated and requires more expertise than rhinoplasty surgeries.

Postoperative bruising and swelling vary in direct proportion to the operation performed on the bone. If the bone has not been treated much, the amount of bruising will be less.

The Hiloterm mask that we apply after the surgery minimizes the swelling and bruising that may occur. If bruising and swelling has occurred, it will be completely gone after a week.

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During this time, the swelling decreases rapidly and even the splint in your nose may loosen. In this case, you need to go to your doctor to have the splint removed.

You should not rub or wiggle your nose after the splint is removed. It will be appropriate to wear a hat or use sunscreen creams to protect from sunburns when going out for about 8 weeks.

Apart from this, if it does not force you physically, there is no harm in continuing your work. However, it is recommended that you start work no earlier than 10 days, depending on the extent of your surgery.

You will not have uncomfortable pain immediately after the revision surgery. The hilotherm mask is also effective in reducing the feeling of pressure on the face, which can be felt intensely on the first day.

If the discomfort continues, you can use painkillers, provided that you consult your doctor. In addition, some patients may experience nausea, runny nose and loss of smell and taste that can last for a few days due to general anesthesia.

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Revision nose surgery can be done in any season. It is only important to be protected from the sun in the summer and from the cold in the winter.

As with other surgical operations, revision rhinoplasty is a permanent operation. However, as the age progresses, changes may occur in the structure of the nose.

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