What Causes a Double Chin?

          Understanding the Causes of a Double Chin

          As we age, the skin on the cheeks and below the jawline tends to lose naturally produced collagen and elastin.

          Both of these proteins create elasticity in the skin, attaching it to tissue and helping restore it as we move. When this elasticity is lost, our jowls become more pronounced.

          When collagen and elastin are depleted, it becomes more challenging to resist gravity, so the skin sags.

          Collagen and elastin also depend on our genetics. Some have more collagen and elastin, while others have less. For this reason, while some have jowl problems at a young age, some do not encounter such a problem until old age.

          Other factors are under our control, but in many cases, the influence of genetics can override them. While we have a healthy lifestyle, we can still have a jowl problem because of our genetic makeup.

          The reasons that can cause a tickle are as follows;

          Smoking: As with many other conditions, smoking has a negative effect. Smoking causes blood vessels to narrow, making it harder for the body to get nutrients into circulation. Collagen and elastin production may also be affected.

          High levels of sun exposure: Specifically, ultraviolet rays can cause decreased collagen formation.

          Weight loss: Speedy diets can cause jowl sagging. As we gain weight, our skin stretches; losing this weight causes excess skin to appear.

          Long screen times: Long screen times can lead to noticeable tickles. This is because of the tendency to look down on technological product use. Thus, our skin gets stuck in a particular area, and sagging occurs over time.

          Exercises for a Double Chin

          Several different ways can be preferred for jowl tightening. Although these methods do not entirely eliminate the sagging of the jowl area, they make it look better.

          The jowl melting exercises and other ways you can apply them are as follows;

          Chin exercise: Close your mouth, stick out your lower jaw, and lift your lower lip simultaneously. Hold this position for a few seconds and then repeat about 20 times. The aim is to work the jaw and activate the muscles in the area. Doing it in 3 sets a day can help you get faster results.

          Neck exercise: Keep your head separate from your neck by lifting your head. In this position, move the neck back and then forward. With your head still at the same level, your chin should stick out as you move forward. This movement can help reduce the jowl's appearance by activating the neck muscles.

          Exercising is a condition that affects the whole body. Therefore, regular exercise helps to reduce the fat layers in the jowl. But it is not a solution for reducing all jowls or jowl sagging.

          Because it is impossible to melt the existing, settled fat layers only by sweating the body, it may be necessary to resort to different methods other than sports for exact solutions. After these applications, supporting the process by doing sports would be very logical.

          Treatments for a Double Chin

          Many people look for a quick and practical solution to make their double chin look more tense. The first step is to address the factors that can cause a double chin.

          Simple measures can be taken, such as quitting or reducing smoking and using a good sunscreen to avoid exposure to the sun's UV rays. These measures won't make ticks disappear but can help prevent them from worsening.

          You can also try exercises for jowl sagging, but there is no official evidence that exercising can reduce the jowl's appearance. The only way to completely dissolve the double chin is plastic surgery.

          Plastic Surgery: It is a surgical method you can choose to melt your jowl completely. Consideration of surgery should always begin with a detailed consultation with a good surgeon, who will be able to evaluate the benefits of surgery and suggest available options.

          Liposuction: At this stage, liposuction may be a possibility, a process of using a cannula to remove fat from the chin and neck area. The area is reshaped to help prevent sagging in the future.

          Liposuction can cost high budgets and is also an invasive procedure. Therefore, it takes time to heal. It is normal to have bruising and swelling after surgery. After a few days of rest, the traces disappear.

          Face and neck lift: A full facelift and neck lift is another surgical procedure. Like liposuction, fat is removed, the muscles are stretched, and the remaining skin is sutured to a more suitable position.

          Typically, an incision will be made close to the ears and as discreetly as possible. The neck lift is a more costly operation than liposuction. It is a suitable method for tightening the jowl.

          Make-up: Those only looking for a daily solution can hide their double chin with good make-up techniques. Regardless of men and women, an illuminator and contouring product can work for you.

          Dermal filler: It is a non-surgical method that does not lose its permanence for long. Therefore, it is one of the most preferred ways. It is also more convenient and painless than surgical procedures.

          Choosing a skilled practitioner is very important. A good result can be obtained by injecting dermal fillers into multiple layers of the skin.

          Laser: One of the cutting-edge methods is a laser. It may be suitable for laser skin tightening. This method uses heat to stimulate collagen and elastic fiber production in the deep layers of the skin.

          Modern laser treatments are much better at targeting deeper layers without removing the surface layer. It leads to developing a new skin layer but without the risk of scarring.

          Mesolipolysis: Mesolipolysis is a mesotherapy aimed at fat burning, body shaping, and cellulite reduction. Mesolipolysis is a non-invasive procedure requiring multiple injections of acceptable active compounds into the treatment area under the skin to dissolve small, stubborn, unwanted fat layers resistant to diet and exercise.

          The treatment is painless and does not require anesthesia. A specialist doctor injects the active substance into the fat deposit with a fine needle. A gradual and natural fat separation begins.

          The fat in the fat cells in the injection area melts, is transported to the bloodstream, and is excreted from the body through the intestines.

          You can proceed according to your needs in aesthetic operations and choose by evaluating the results.

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