Post-Lipo Surprise: Feeling Baby's Kicks Sooner Than Expected!

Sensing Baby's Kicks Early by the Help of Lipo We've got some exciting news! One of our team members is pregnant! We ...

Sensing Baby's Kicks Early by the Help of Lipo

We've got some exciting news! One of our team members is pregnant! We welcomed this news with great excitement and anticipation as NewMe Baby's arrival draws near. 

But here's the interesting part:

NewMe Baby's mom felt the tiny miracle at 17 weeks! Feeling the baby's movements is one of the most enjoyable moments during pregnancy. Those little kicks are like the baby's first hello to you, even though you can't see or touch them yet.

Both moms and dads eagerly await these little kicks, interpreting each movement as a message. And believe me, each kick carries a message, resulting in big smiles on the faces of expectant parents. 

Yes, at exactly 17 weeks! Isn't that quite early? Of course, we immediately delved into the matter, and the result turned out to be really interesting:

It's possible that the liposuction performed on NewMe Baby's mom's abdomen before pregnancy resulted in less fat in her belly, causing her to feel the baby's movements earlier. Yes, that's right, this tiny miracle of movement could be related to liposuction! 

Both a gynecologist and a plastic surgeon were consulted, and they supported this interesting conclusion. It's possible that due to the reduced fat in NewMe Mom's abdomen after liposuction, she felt the baby's movements earlier. Yes, you read that right, this tiny miracle of movement could be related to liposuction! 

The process of feeling baby movements typically occurs between weeks 16 and 20. However, in second or subsequent pregnancies, it's possible to feel these movements a bit earlier.

This is because the expectant mother knows what to expect and can distinguish these adorable kicks and punches more easily. Plus, with more flexible uterine muscles, these movements can be felt more quickly. 

What Happens to Liposuction During Pregnancy? 


Pre-Pregnancy Liposuction: The Skinny

Liposuction, the go-to procedure for many women looking to shape up before or after pregnancy! But here's the scoop: while it zaps fat cells in stubborn spots for good, it won't tighten skin.

So, if you're thinking of taming your tummy or thighs pre-baby, know that liposuction won't magically erase stretch marks or loose skin. Also, it might even make loose skin look worse once the fat's gone, leaving you feeling a bit "deflated."

Baby Bump and Liposuction: Can They Coexist?

Wondering if you can lipo before getting preggers? Absolutely! It won't mess with your fertility, and shedding excess fat might even boost your chances of conceiving. Plus, staying at a healthy weight can make your pregnancy journey smoother.

But, after major weight loss like liposuction, it's best to wait at least six to twelve months before growing a bump for best results. So, while you can have your cake, or rather, your liposuction, and eat it too, maybe hold off on the baby-making for a bit!

Why Pre-Pregnancy Liposuction Rocks?

Control the Baby Bump:

Every mom-to-be puts on some pregnancy pounds, but if you start off with less fat, you'll have less to gain. Hello, easier weight control!

No More Varicose Veins:

Extra weight in your hips and thighs can strain your blood vessels, leading to those dreaded varicose veins. But with less fat, you're less likely to feel the vein pain!

Hello, Hot Mama:

Who says you can't rock that dream bod while waiting for a bun in the oven? Liposuction won't stop you from getting preggers later, so why not strut your stuff now?

Post-Pregnancy Liposuction: Bounce Back Like Beyoncé

So, you've popped out your little bundle of joy, but now you're stuck with some extra fluff. Enter post-pregnancy liposuction, aka the "mommy makeover"! While most moms naturally shed their baby weight, if you're still feeling fluffy after diet and exercise, lipo can be a game-changer.

Why Post-Pregnancy Liposuction is the Bomb?


Back to Pre-Baby Bod:

Say buh-bye to those pesky pregnancy pounds and hello to your pre-pregnancy jeans!

Quick Fix:

Sure, you could sweat it out at the gym, but who has time for that when there's a baby to cuddle? Liposuction is a fast track to fab!

A Word of Advice:

Thinking about getting lipo before pregnancy? Remember, pregnancy weight won't show up in the spots you've lipoed, so you might end up gaining in new places. But don't stress, you can always tackle the baby weight the old-fashioned way.

Pregnancy and Liposuction: Not a Match Made in Heaven

Just a heads up, liposuction during pregnancy? Not a good idea. Save the fat blasting for after baby arrives!

Breastfeeding and Liposuction: What You Need to Know

Concerned about breastfeeding after a boob job? Don't be! Liposuction won't mess with your milk supply, so nurse away!

Liposuction Before or After Pregnancy?

So, whether you're looking to slim down before baby or bounce back after, liposuction can be your secret weapon. Just remember, there's no one-size-fits-all answer. So, do what feels right for you and your body, and embrace your journey to momhood!

Come Baby, Baby, Baby, Come Come

The prospect of NewMe Baby's arrival has filled us all with great excitement. Each little kick feels like a herald of the next big adventure. And at every moment, there's a sense of great hope and joy for the future.


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