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Thanks to Dr. Eren Taskin, I regained my health

Thanks to Dr. Eren Taskin, I regained my health. Good thing I got to know him. Read More

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Em*** Eren Taskin, MD - 21.05.2023

Thanks to Dr. Eren, I wish I had had my sleeve gastrectomy surgery earlier.

This operation is the favor of my dear doctor Eren, which I will never forget for the rest of my life. I am grateful that our Read More

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As*** Eren Taskin, MD - 11.04.2023

Well done Dr. Eren Taskin

With our hard efforts for 3 years, I finally had my surgery with the right doctor. Glad I had this surgery. I survived Read More

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Se*** Eren Taskin, MD - 29.03.2023

Successful stomach reduction surgery

I grew up overweight from childhood, and then I couldn't cope with it, and the diets I made gave me double the weight. I Read More

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Di*** Eren Taskin, MD - 29.03.2023

A brand new me after sleeve gastrectomy

Dr. Eren is the best and most caring I have ever known in my life. He did not lose his interest from the beginning to the end Read More

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Oz*** Eren Taskin, MD - 28.03.2023

54 kg weight loss with Dr. Tuna Bilecik

I came to Turkey for a gastric sleeve. We met with Dr. Tuna Bilecik and he performed my surgery. I was very satisfied with Read More

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A.*** Tuna Bilecik, MD - 29.03.2022

I am very satisfied with my body as a result of sleeve gastrectomy surgery

Dieting was very difficult and boring. I couldn't lose any weight.  I thought that I would start a diet on Read More

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Bh*** Ali Durmus, MD 4500 - 6000 1 Comment 08.11.2021

I didn't think I would lose weight in such a short time

I had gastric sleeve surgery for Dr. Mustafa about 3.5 months ago. I have lost 27 kilos in total since the day I had the Read More

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