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Gastric Botox

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Gastric Botox

Gastric Botox is a non-surgical method that is performed by injecting "Botulinum Toxin" into certain parts of the stomach with the method of endoscopy in order to reduce the amount of food consumed by the person and to provide weight loss by prolonging the feeling of satiety.

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Gastric Botox, also known as Stomach Botox, is an endoscopy guided non-surgical procedure, that is performed to provide weight loss.

Gastric Botox injection for weight loss aims to prolong the sense of satiety which will reduce the overall amount of the individuals’ food intake.  The procedure is performed by inhibiting muscle contraction of the stomach which starts the digestive process. As the stomach motility slows down, the individuals will feel fuller.

The individuals who are significantly overweight and those that are finding it difficult to lose weight may consider to take gastric botox treatment.

Stomach botox prices are different from standard botox prices. Gastric Botox injection for weight loss is applied at once and its price is higher than normal botox. Compared to Europe countries, UK or USA, the best prices for Stomach botox are in Turkey. Stomach botox cost in Turkey varies between $850 - $1500.

How Much Does Stomach Botox Cost in İstanbul?

İstanbul with it's very experienced surgeons in stomach botox,  fully equipped clinics and hospitals are the capital city of Stomach botox all over the world. Besides the quality of the treatment you can plan your treatment almost 3-4 times cheaper. Most of the clinics and hospitals prefer to give all inclusive package prices which makes the treatment budget friendly. The all inclusive packages includes transfers, hotel stayings and the all the treatment fees excluding flights. The cost of a Stomach botox in İstanbul is around $1000 - $1500.

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Stomach Botox is suitable for the individuals who has BMI higher than 25 kg/m² but lower than 35 kg/m² with realistic expectations. In other words Stomach Botox is suitable for the individuals who are overweight but don't want to go under bariatric surgery or qualify enough for bariatric surgery. Also the individuals with obesity-associated comorbidities such as Type 2 diabetes and hypertension are the suitable individuals for Gastric Botox injection for weight loss. 

Pros of Stomach Botox;

Stomach Botox is a non-surgical procedure, performed with the guidance of endoscopy which means there will be no surgical intervention is needed,

Gastric Botox, as it is noninvasive does not require any stitches or wound dressings are needed,

Gastric Botox injection for weight loss involves minimal risks and side effects,

Recovery from Stomach Botox is faster than other weight loss procedures such as bariatric surgery,

Individuals can easily return to their normal daily activities after Gastric Botox.

Cons of Stomach Botox;

The results of Gastric Botox is temporary,

Compared to bariatric surgery, Gastric Botox comes with relatively low weight loss results,

To achieve the best results proper weight management (diet, exercise programs...) after Gastric Botox is a must.

Are There Any Risks or Side Effects of a Gastric Botox?

Botox injections for weight loss is a relatively safe procedure with minimal side effects. In general; Nausea, headache, indigestion and bloating may rarely be seen, but these are temporary.

Gastric Botox is performed under mild sedation that takes around 20-25 minutes. After the procedure the individuals will be kept under observation for 2-3 hours.

The day after the Gastric Botox is performed it is recommended to take liquid diet. The individuals will be given a dietary guidelines and a personalized workout plan to help promote weight loss.

It is usual to feel a little bit weak, tired and low energic through the following first week after Gastric Botox. This is temporary and will gradually disappear. 

After a week period following the Gastric Botox injection for weight loss the individuals will begin to effects of the procedure which will last up to 6 months. After 6 months Gastric Botox treatment can be repeated.

Gastric botox begins to show its effect at the end of 72 hours following the application. The duration of the application is 4-6 months on average.

 At the end of 6 months, the botox substance disappears spontaneously in the body.

 Since a long-term feeling of satiety will be experienced after gastric botox, the amount of portions consumed by the person decreases and the weight loss process begins accordingly.

 After gastric botox application, the person is expected to lose an average of 10-15% weight over their current weight.

 The diet and exercises to be adopted at this stage, the person's metabolic rate will affect the success of the procedure positively / negatively.

 Although the target weight loss varies from person to person, people can experience weight loss in the range of 9 to 20 kg with a healthy nutritional profile and regular exercise. Gastric botox does not show the expected positive effect in people who eat carbohydrates, consume acidic beverages or eat fast food.

Stomach Botox process takes 18 months in 3 sessions.

Gastric botox injections generally last up to 6 months. The individuals will be under follow-up sessions and the doctor will determine if any other injections are needed. If further weight loss is needed than up to 18 months second or third stomach botox injections may be planned.

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