22 January 2020
2 weeks after treatment

I had a Stomach Botox operation about 18 days ago

How did I decide?

I am 1.67 tall, 63 kilos, working at the computer. I love to eat and although I have been to a dietician several times before, I have not been able to reach my target weight of 55-56.

The diet lists given to me were unsustainable and I was always breaking the diet. Since I had an active social life, I was never able to conclude my diets with a little bit of my will, when I was talking about friend pressure, team meals, and weekends.

Stomach botox has recently become an increasingly popular process, I researched it for a short time. I talked to 4-5 doctors. I decided that the promises of the operation coincided with my expectations. On Saturday, January 4, at the Avcılar Baypark Hospital, Dr. Orhan Bat made my transaction.

What kind of transaction?

I went with an empty stomach, I stretched on the stretcher with my normal clothes. You can think of it as having an endoscopy. Dr. Orhan bey, an assistant doctor, and two nurses took care of me. The vascular access was opened, and a mild sedative was followed by anesthesia.

I slept completely, the process took 15 minutes to come to myself for 15 minutes. I was standing after 40 minutes in total. No pain, pain, nausea, burning, etc. I did not feel. Then I came back home comfortably. What did I do after Botox?

Before the procedure, I was hungry after not eating anything since 11 am the day before. When the procedure was over and when I woke up, my feeling of hunger was gone. I fed liquid for 3 days. I

drank a smoothie, soup, kefir, ayran, and protein milk. In the meantime, I chopped a slice of whole wheat bread into my soup. Feeding liquid for 3 days was not difficult at all, because my dear didn't want much.

So what am I doing right now?

I can say that Botox showed its effect about a week ago, it has been 18 days and I have no appetite. Even if I'm normally full, I would eat, but now I am sated with a soup. My dear does not attract sweet or junk food. Even if I eat, a little amount is enough.

Sometimes I eat one meal, sometimes two meals a day. I don't eat any bread. In general, eating vegetables is happy. I eat lots of zucchini and broccoli. I drink 3 liters of water every day to get the maximum benefit from the operation. I sleep 7 hours a day.

I walk to nearby places and I do an elliptical bike for 40 minutes at least every two days. I lost 3 kilos in 18 days, the process is slow because I don't have a lot of weight. I am sure that in one of 75-80 kilos the result will be different.

After this process, I also paid attention to my food, water, and sports. I did not expect it to be a miracle. Yes, your appetite is completely gone, but unfortunately, botox has no effect on your mind.

If you don't limit yourself at some point, you will lose weight again but I think it will not be permanent.

Who should have it?

I think my appetite will be cut, let me pay attention to what I eat, add some movement to my life, let me get away from sweets - carbohydrates for a while, and give vegetables - a chance to small portions, I think anyone can get my form in 4-5 months without rushing. I am very satisfied. Thank you


St*** 24 February 2020  

You are already weak. Get well soon.

Ha*** 16 February 2022  

Is it possible to share a before and after photo?

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