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3 years ago
Am I suitable for the surgery?

Hello. I’m 29 years old, my height is 158 cm, and my weight is 87 kg. Am I a candidate for the surgery?

4 years ago
169 cm and 106 kg, 41 years old, am I suitable for gastric sleeve?

169 cm and 106 kg I am 41 years old. Am I suitable for sleeve gastrectomy? My knee caps are giving an error due to excessive...

4 years ago
Should I have gastric sleeve surgery?

Hello, I’m 24 years old. I’m 166 cm tall and I weigh 105 kg. I can’t lose weight even though I work out for...

4 years ago
Can I have gastric sleeve surgery after laparoscopic gastric plication?

I’m 160 cm and weigh 98 kg. I have inflammation and calcification in my coccyx. I also have Cushing syndrome. I had...

3 years ago
I am 155 cm tall and about 100 kg, can I have sleeve gastrectomy surgery?

Sleeve gastrectomy? Hello, I’m a 40-year-old woman, 155 cm tall and around 100 kg. Am I eligible for the surgery? I...

4 years ago
Can I have a sleeve gastrectomy?

I am 145 cm tall and weigh 75 kg. Can I have sleeve gastrectomy?

4 years ago
My body mass index is 40. Am I suitable for gastric sleeve surgery?

Hello! I’m a 20-year-old medicine school student and my body mass index is 40. I’m done with my excess weight and...

4 years ago
I'm 158 cm and 65 kg. Am I a candidate for gastric sleeve surgery?

Hello :) I live in Kyrgyzstan. I’m considering having gastric sleeve surgery. I’m 158 cm and 65 kg, am I a good...

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