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4 years ago
How to improve facial skin elasticity and sagging?

Focus ultrasound or what procedure is recommended for the loss of facial elasticity and sagging of the facial skin due to...

2 years ago
Which treatment should I get to improve my face?

My facial skin is thin and dehydrated, and my jaw muscles are weak. Which treatment should I get?

1 year ago
Seek a skilled facial surgeon for cheek lift and augmentation.

Hello, I actually pick buccal fat removal(there was no other option), but I'm interested in a cheek lift and cheek...

4 years ago
Can a facelift combine with the fat injections procedure?

Hello. I’m 55 years old. After losing a lot of weight, my facial skin started to sag. I want to have facelift and fat...

5 years ago
How can I get rid of my tickle?

My age is 22, my weight is 45, and my height is 1.60. I have jowl. How can I get rid of this jowl? Can you help me? Thanks.

3 years ago
Filler, facelift or non-surgical facelift? I am undecided, which one should I do?

I have deep wrinkles around my lips and serious sagging in the nasolabial area. I'm afraid of looking swollen if I have a...

6 years ago
I want to have a lower facelift, a mini-lift, and cheek lift procedures. Can you help me?

I want to have a lower facelift, a mini-lift, and cheek lift procedures in Istanbul. How can you help me?

5 years ago
Who are the most experienced facelift surgeons in Ankara?

I’m looking for a plastic surgeon in Ankara, who is exceptionally experienced in facelift procedures.

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