Don't Auto-Answer Your Autoresponder

Written by Emel Gerdaneri.

Don't Auto-Responder to Your Autoresponder

We know that communication is extremely important. In particular, automatic response systems can often be a savior when communicating with a potential patient, after work or on busy days.

Because it is difficult to predict when and on what day patients do their research and when they want to ask questions or reach you.

Auto-responders that you will create especially for patients trying to reach you from your website or social media accounts can help start a good communication at this point.

Automatic reply systems also take the workload off your staff and make those who write outside of working hours feel like they have an interlocutor.

But Just Because Your Autoresponders Are Automated Doesn't Mean They Have To Look Inconsiderate

otomatic messageWhat does this mean? A message that sounds superficial, for example, “Thank you for reaching out to us. Our team will respond as soon as possible.”

This statement can sound soulless, unhelpful to potential patients, and leave them unsure of what to expect next.

A thoughtful autoresponder, on the other hand, can build a strong relationship with potential patients. So How?

Have a Personality

A simple greeting like "Greetings" can be a good start. You can try a more colloquial approach, as long as it suits your clinic's personality.

Express His Gratitude

Thank potential patients for writing to you, say that you are satisfied.

Set and Meet Expectations

Tell the potential patient when they can hear from you and then deliver on that promise.

Give Them Alternatives During Waiting Time

You can tell the potential patient during this waiting period that they can look at the before and after photos in Andnewme or read about the patient experiences.



We are very happy that you have reached us.

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Written on 18/11/2022


Last Update: 18/11/2022

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