Can Lip Fillers Replace Lip Lift?

Lip Filler or Lip Lift? Most of us are afraid of surgery and this is why we are closer to non-surgical aesthetic ...

Lip Filler or Lip Lift?

Most of us are afraid of surgery and this is why we are closer to non-surgical aesthetic treatments. In some cases, it is possible to make some difference with a really small intervention, without the need for surgery.

Our topic today is lip augmentation and lip lift.

“Lip fillers are amazing, they make a huge difference. It moisturizes the lip, gives volume, and moreover, as you said, it narrows this area in patients with a wide upper lip.

But it would be useful to give a little more detail on the subject. Because this situation is suitable for some patients. So who are they?

Patients With A Wide Philtrum, But How Wide?

Patients with a wide philtrum think that if volume is added to the upper lip, there will be some lift and this area will be shortened. This is true to some extent in patients with a shorter philtrum.

It can even improve lip appearance in small amounts to give it a more dewy look. If the philtrum is too wide and padded, it will look horrible and artificial because the filler will add volume to the top of the lip and the phytrum will start to look longer.

Lip Lift surgery is suitable for those with a very long philtrum.

Think of Marge Simpson. This cartoon character is a suitable candidate for lip lift surgery. If we give Marge lip augmentation, as I said, we will enlarge her upper lip even more.

Let's Examine Victoria Beckham


Victoria Beckham has the most difficult mouth shape to work on. She has “M-shaped” lips and a long philtrum, which are the most difficult to inject and fill.

They typically have minimal upper lateral volume, meaning they have a lip structure that goes to the upper lip and horizontally to the sides.

If we give Beckham excessive lip fillers to give volume to her thin upper lips, she may look scary and artificial.

If You Say "I still want to try"

I would usually recommend a few sessions and gradual magnification to reach nirvana. If you have such lips, be careful. Take your time and know where to stop now.

Both a lip lift and a filler can improve the appearance of your lips, but you should definitely talk to a specialist to decide which one is best for you.

Lip lift is not the right option for patients who are overly concerned about the cost and recovery time associated with the surgery.

On the other hand, lip fillers are a great alternative for anyone who wants to test the results before deciding on a more permanent solution.

But as I always say, of course, the right treatment should be applied to the right patient.”

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