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3 years ago
I have type 1 diabetes, can I have liposuction?

I am a type 1 diabetes patient.  I wonder if liposuction can be applied to type 1 diabetes patients? Thanks.

4 years ago
Is liposuction done on the lipomas on my legs?

There are lipomas on my legs. Can it be removed with liposuction? Thanks

3 years ago
How are liposuction prices determined?

Are liposuction prices determined by the amount of fat to be removed?

3 years ago
My butt is too big for a man, can you help?

I'm 20 years old male and my butt is way bigger than it should be. Can you help me with what can be done? By the way, I...

3 years ago
Does liposuction work?

Even if I weigh 50 kilos, I have accumulations in my upper legs, no matter what I did, not sports or other things. I gained...

2 years ago
What kind of technology is used for liposuction in the hip area?

What are the pros and cons of having liposuction in the hip area? Which technology is used?

1 year ago
What is range of the price for liposuction of pubic fat?

Hi my husband looking for liposuction of pubic fat. We would like to now what is range of the price. Thanks in advance.

1 year ago
I would like to get your opinion on this matter. Is there a clinic that can help?

I'm interested in chin implant combined with chin liposuction! I have to tell you that I have HIV+ but I'm taking...

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