14 February 2018
1 year after treatment

I am 32 years old. After thinking for 10 years, I had Vaser Liposuction!

I always had problems with my hips and fat in my belly. I fell from overweight to 60 pounds of weight. It doesn't matter how many kilos I've lost, but I always had big buttocks and a big belly. And I did a research. In my research I create a final list for İngileter and Europe from Turkey and Prague's doctor.

1. Dr. More professionals named Mehmet Köksal

2. Dr. Peter Mertan, Nikoleta Torišková or Dr. Tomáš Beneš - Forme Clinic Prague

3. Dr. Ercan Demiray or Sinan Ulusoy - Est-Ethica Istanbul

4. Dr. Bülent Cihantimur or Dr Yücel - Estetik International İstanbul

5. Dr. View Metin's Full Profile

Who should I go to? I still can't decide. Any idea about these doctors? Can you help me make the right decision?

I plan to go in March. I will write and share my entire process for you.


Es*** 10 March 2023  

I just got it done, I'm glad to the sinan nation

14 February 2018
1 year after treatment

I'm going to Istanbul for liposuction ... I am so excited

My flight to Istanbul has been arranged. On March 14th, I will be meeting with Dr. Kerem if everything is ok for me, the operation will be on March 15th. I feel excited,  I spoke for my stomach, my waist and my thighs. I did sports, I have to lose weight. I'm glad I've been fit for the last few years.

I know what I can do to lose weight. I know what's done to get weight. (Of course I'm trying to avoid) I hope I'll throw the foundation I need for my surgery to succeed.

14 February 2018
1 year after treatment

I felt good but was not easy (7 days after the operation)

I met with my doctor on March 14th. The next day, my surgery. I'm very happy with the situation so far. My recovery is going well in England. At the end of my knees, my hips, my back, my waist and stomach are all okay.

I would like to share a few important tips at this stage:

1. Take someone strong with you (spouse, friend, family)

I've had some pain. First 5-6 days felt very uncomfortable. I stayed in the hospital for 2 nights. I needed constant help when walking and going to the bathroom. I didn't sleep well so I wanted to go to a comfortable position in bed and I needed help to move around and turn around. The person you choose has to understand what you're feeling. I certainly couldn't have done it without my boyfriend and I'm so grateful that he stayed in the hospital with me.

2. You will feel pain

It started with unbearable pain. I needed extra painkillers to deal with this pain. Meanwhile, my wife's support was very high. Never underestimate the pain you will feel. I really did that.

3. Your genital organ can swell

Mine's ten times as big. I couldn't close my legs, sit down and walk normally. Exaggerated lip part and clitoris were swollen up to the golf ball. I spent 18 hours putting ice. During the flight, I put ice in paper inside my pants and when I came home I was in normal condition.

4. Your appetite can escape

I couldn't eat anything on the day of surgery. The next day I started eating some food. Be sure to eat slowly because you can still find your stomach from anesthesia. Less salty and low carbohydrate foods are recommended.

5. Feel free to contact your doctor

As a surgeon. I am very happy with Metin Kerem. I wrote to him, I called and he gave me answers to destroy the questions in my mind, he comforted me and told me that what I experienced was normal. His crew kept checking on me and made me feel like I wasn't alone.

6. Stay wet

It helps to lower the edema and makes the salt in your body come out. It also helps to eliminate the bruising. Lucky for me, I was almost completely bruised!

7. Be mobile

I aim to walk 30 minutes a day, but not more. It's not easy to do this for the first few days, but do the best you can, don't hurt yourself. The first day I could not walk at all, I was almost unconscious. The swellings can move up and down, but that's normal. 3-4 weeks after your doctor allows you to remove the corset can start light exercises.

8. You may have difficulty breathing

This is normal. I started coughing and I kept my water with me to soften my throat. It's getting hurt in the early days and it's getting better.

9. Take care of your skin (wrinkles)

You don't want this to happen. My doctor gave me a package of gauze that I could put on my breech. Even though the corset looks like it's foldable, it's still very tight. When my edema and swelling is running out, I'm going to hook the back of my back. The most extensive setting will make me feel very comfortable.

I tested my mental strength in general, and I cried a lot, I've had a lot of burns and swell but after 2-3 weeks I'll be back for a new update.

I feel good thanks to my doctor :))

14 February 2018
1 year after treatment

2 months later

Sorry to be late in the update, but I was too busy! Plus these photos are much better to show how I have a flat stomach after surgery. I am really happy with the result.

14 February 2018
1 year after treatment

You can really see the difference with the photos I put side by side

I will update once more. I realize the results better in sports. Even when I'm swollen, I no longer have fat under my stomach. Happy and exciting days !!!

14 February 2018
1 year after treatment

About 1 year later

I'm still very happy! I am currently working hard to build more muscle and eating accordingly. Photos show what I can do on my stomach with less fat!

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