18 May 2020
1 year after treatment

Dr. Suleyman Tas, Best Decision After 2 Bad Rhinoplasties

Dr. Suleyman Tas performed my revision rhinoplasty surgery. My previous experiences were bad. After having a negative experience with 2 surgeons in the UK they left me with a deformed nose. I doubted you could fix this situation. Despite all the difficulties of the surgery, Süleyman Taş was confident and accepted me. He even told me that he could solve my breathing problem. The whole team was very professional and attentive during the week I was there and the results were much better than I thought. It has drastically changed my life and has never let my confidence go to waste. Best decision I've ever made.


Ha*** 24 September 2022  

He absolutely destroyed my beautiful birth nose and then like there coward he Is he NEVER EVER faced me even on thr telephone as he knew she's gone back to the UK, and I'll ignore what state I left her nose in .He's a straight out liar as he abandoned me and my botched results all the while basking in his instagram comments. Fully available, responding to comments and praise but deaf and dumb when it comes to answering his botched patients. Go and see my Google review to see how he mutilated my beautiful birth nose after I told him not to alter my nose as it was slim bony with a high bridge , a perfect ethnic nose that was severely deviated. So he decided to cut off my tip , scoop out my high bridge and leave me with an over rotated, upturned , overshortened , wide nostrils spread pigs nose. Then bring the spineless hit and run doctor he is he has refused to speak to me or apologise instead he hides like a coward behind elvira who takes all thr bullets for her master tas. He is a big hypocrite who does not practice what he preaches He is unethical and heartless as he refused to refund via his brother ahmet the office manager or even talk to me. He destroyed my beauty and my life , my peace when I used to look in the mirror and he's left me with an ugly trolls nose that isnt part of my ethnic features. Dam the day I got fooled by him .

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Suleyman Tas, MD Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
Review I came from England and came back satisfied, thank you very much.
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