When Can I Kiss After Lip Injection?

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By Emel Gerdaneri • Medical review by Ufuk Alatekin, MD

When Can I Kiss After Lip Injection?

We love full lips. The most common expression doctors hear from patients is "I want kissable lips". Actually, the request is quite natural, but there is a question that is skipped.

How Long Do I Have to Wait?

kissing after lip fillerHow long after I had a lip filler can I kiss? You may be shy to ask this question, but these are common and reasonable questions.

Medical Physician Ufuk Alatekin MD answers our questions:
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“You shouldn't kiss right after you have a lip injection. There are several reasons for this, the first is the risk of infection.

Whenever you stick a needle into your skin, you need to avoid anything that could cause infection or inflammation for 12 to 24 hours, and that includes kissing.

In order for the bacteria to pass through, the holes through which the needle entered must be healed.

Kissing Can Create Pressure

kissing pressureThe second reason is that sufficient time should be allowed for the filler to fully integrate with the lip tissue, as the pressure from kissing can potentially cause the filler to displace.

It can lead to an irregularity where one side of the lips is fuller than the other due to the movement of the product while kissing.

The filler can also pass over the upper lip and go over the Cupid, that is, the lip arc, and create a meaningless appearance. In this case, we may have to melt the displaced filler.

After 3 Days It Is Ok

kissingI recommend waiting for a while to kiss after filler injections. I'd say three days is enough time as long as you keep the kissing technique gentle.

Some bumps, roughness, lumps and bumps may remain for up to two weeks. If you have not damaged the filler on your lip during this time, it will settle into place over time and the lumps will pass.

Postpone Your Dentist Appointment

dentistI would also like to point out that avoid scheduling any dentist appointments two weeks before and two weeks after lip augmentation.

Cleaning and dental care can activate bacteria in your mouth, putting you at risk for infection."

Written on 22/02/2022


Last Update: 21/06/2022

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