What Did Cosmetic Surgery Do to Courteney Cox's Face?

Courteney Cox, who fascinated us with her stunning beauty and something in our minds from the 1990s, is still one of ...

Courteney Cox, who fascinated us with her stunning beauty and something in our minds from the 1990s, is still one of the most remarkable and successful actresses. 

Monica Geller, with her Monica-esque antics, was not just a character but a role model for the next generation in style, fashion, and beauty, making us laugh and inspiring us with her unique charm. 

One of the areas where Cox is well-known is her openness about the cosmetic procedures she has undergone. She has tried a variety of plastic surgeries and non-surgical cosmetic treatments in her quest to maintain her youthful appearance. 

The most talked about topic was the botox and filler treatments Cox had on her face. 

However, Courteney's difference from other celebrities is that she admitted to regretting her choices out of desperation in her youth. 

Courteney Cox's plastic surgery regrets were shared in an interview with The Sunday Times in February 2022.

Courteney Explains How She Started with Fillers and Why She Got It Melted


“You look great, but a little injection here or a filler here will do,” Fox told the doctors, who constantly advise her, adding, “So you go out, and you don't look that bad, and you think nobody notices. 

Then someone tells you about another doctor. He says the doctor is great; he emphasizes that he does very natural work. There is always the same. The result is layer-by-layer fillers on your face.” 

Fox later reports that her friends said that she should stop the injections now, that her face has changed. “And I didn't realize it; I looked weird with the injections and got my face done, things I would never do now. 

The effects of plastic surgery were so dire that Courteney Cox eventually dissolved her fillers and quit Botox, choosing to embrace natural beauty.

Are You Ready to Witness Courteney Cox's Change Over the Years?

Courteney Cox 1984
In 1984, Courteney Cox made her legendary debut with a small role in Bruce Springsteen's movie "Dancing in the Dark." Courteney was a young woman in her early 20s who debuted with her pure and youthful looks.

Courteney Cox 1985
Courteney Cox was the first person to use the term "menstruation" on television when she appeared in an advertisement for Tampax Tampons. This was most likely the beginning of the actress's rise to fame.

Courteney Cox 1987
Her career began after her iconic appearance in a bumper ad, and in 1987, she appeared in the films 'Masters of the Universe and Cocoon: The Return the Year.

Courteney Cox 1989
Courteney landed a recurring role in the Family Ties series due to her fame. Courteney's innate beauty gave her a charming and seductive appeal during these times.

Courteney Cox 1992
In 1992, she wowed audiences with her seductive charm, starring in films such as The Opposite Sex and How to Live with Them.

Courteney Cox 1994
The best year was 1994. We had met Monica Geller.

Courteney Cox 1996
In 1996, Courteney Cox rose to prominence for her role in Scream.

Courteney Cox 1998
Courteney Cox starred on The Truman Show with her warm, radiant smile.

Courteney Cox 1999
Courteney married David Arquette in 1999.

Courteney Cox 2000
Through her versatile roles in Friends and Scream, Courteney became the idol of many.

Courteney Cox 2003
Courteney Cox wowed her fans at the 60th Golden Globe Awards.

Courteney Cox 2004
During her pregnancy in 2004, Courteney Cox was still at the peak of her beauty.

Courteney Cox 2005
A year after her pregnancy, Courteney Cox still looks fantastic.

Courteney Cox 2006
Courteney Cox looked stunning in a sensual black dress at the Los Angeles premiere of FX 'Dirt.'

Courteney Cox 2007
Courteney Cox at the movie premiere for 'The Tripper' with her authentic smile.

Courteney Cox 2008
Courteney Cox at the 'Bedtime Stories' premiere in 2008.

Courteney Cox 2009
Courteney Cox was still starring in hit movies that showcased her versatile acting skills.

Courteney Cox  2010
Courteney Cox's sweet smile at the Golden Globes event is breathtaking.

Courteney Cox  2011
Courteney Cox was still as impressive as ever at the premiere of Scream 4.

Courteney Cox 2012
Courteney Cox is a wonderful and devoted mother.

Courteney Cox 2013
Courteney Cox is as beautiful as ever on the TCA winter tour.

Courteney Cox 2014
At 50, Courteney still radiates her graceful and eternal beauty to the world.

Courteney Cox 2015
When asked about her thoughts on aging, Courteney said there's nothing wrong with showing your age.

Courteney Cox 2016
Courteney Cox, 52, is a role model-actress who still showcases her veteran skills on the big screen.

Courteney Cox 2017
Cox stated in an interview in 2017 that she melted all the fillers and began to accept her natural look.

"You need action on your face, especially if you have thin skin like me," Cox told New Beauty magazine then. "I had to learn to embrace movement and realized that fillers are not my friend."

Cox said, "I melted all my fillers off. I'm as natural as I can get. I feel better because I look like myself. I think I'm more like me now. I hope I am."

Courteney Cox 2018
Courteney Cox with her close friend Jennifer Aniston at the AFI Gala.

Courteney Cox 2019
The 54-year-old actress decided to melt her fillers two years ago.

“You have to accept aging, and that's something I've had a hard time doing,” Cox said.

Courteney Cox 2020
Monica Bing reunites with old friends Phoebe Buffay and Rachel Green.

Courteney Cox 2021
Courteney Cox and her friends in the same apartment on Friends reminded us of the melancholy reality of years past.

Courteney Cox 2022

We asked Gokce Haspolat, MD, how Courteney Cox's excessive filler and botox injections affect the skin: channels4_profile

“Courteney Cox is still fascinating. I remember an interview she gave to The Sunday Times. When asked about her thoughts on aging, she said, "There's nothing wrong with being 60 years old."

She's right. Courteney Cox has ups and downs with countless fillers and Botox injections. There are substantial doctor mistakes here.

Having a youthful face means you don't have loose skin and a healthy glow. Although your dermal filler will restore the fullness of your face, it cannot tighten your skin. 

As a result, you may have plump but tired and rough skin. Other things must be done to tighten your loose skin."

Sevgi Ekiyor MD, made some warnings: sevgi-ekiyor-photo-looking-herself-from-mirror

"Dermal fillers can last up to 12 months or longer. If you do it again a few months after your last treatment, it's too many injections. Layer-by-layer filler should not be given to your skin. 

Your doctor should warn you. But there is also the option of completing it if it is done incompletely."



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