Has Demet Ozdemir Undergone Plastic Surgery?

Demet Ozdemir Before and After Plastic Surgery As Demet Ozdemir is a shining star, people are wondering about her ...

Demet Ozdemir Before and After Plastic Surgery

As Demet Ozdemir is a shining star, people are wondering about her beauty secrets. She has got many skills. She is beautiful, talented, attractive, funny and the list continues. 

As she is a shining star, people are wondering about her beauty secrets. Her style, her cosmetic treatments, or whether she had any plastic surgery. 

There Is No Doubt That Differences Are Comparing Her Before And After Photos

By comparing her before and after photos, they are trying to figure out the differences from past to present. In this article, we are going to answer all the allegations about her plastic surgery with tv series. 

Demet Ozdemir Is The New Face of Pantene Since 2019


A photo taken during Pantene's party music videos started the argument "Demet Ozdemir has plastic surgery" 

Although she teased the allegations there is no doubt that she has undergone several procedures such as Chin and Cheek Filler, Botox, Under-Eye Filler... 

Her skin is just glowing these days. Is it possible to get skin as great as hers, without any cosmetic treatments? We can easily say no, that look takes more than cosmetic products.

Demet Ozdemir Before and After… Let’s Take A Deeper Look

Looking at pictures of Ozdemir in the mid-2010s compared to a photo of her today. We notice changes to a softer jawline, higher cheek placement, and broader space around her eyes, possibly from an eyebrow lift. 

In this article we will break down the details of each demet özdemir plastic surgery treatments. Also cosmetic procedure Demet Ozdemir may have done. 

Did Demet Ozdemir Have Eyebrow Lift?

Looking through before and after photos it's possible to say that she might have an eyebrow lift. 

An eyebrow lift can be done surgically or with Botox. As she is at an early age she might have preferred Botox. 

Botox is the non-surgical option targeting the forehead area between the eyebrows and the ends of the eyebrow. As seen in Demet Ozdemir's before and after photos there is an elevated look of the eyebrows. 

Ozdemir's eye shape appears more open and less hooded over the years. This is the major signal which gives us the clue that she had an eyebrow lift. 

Did Demet Ozdemir Have Cheek Filler?


Demet Özdemir filler Looking through the Demet Ozdemir before and after photos we may say that she has Cheek fillers. Ozdemir has prominent cheekbones. But Demet Özdemir before surgery had normal cheekbones. 

Dermal fillers are ideal for adding volume and structure to the cheekbones. There is a subtle difference between Ozdemir's cheek height and definition compared to earlier photos. 

We think she could have had cheek fillers to create more sharply defined facial features.

Did Demet Ozdemir Have Jawline Contouring?

To sharpen a face there are several methods but only one facial area: Chin! With the help of the Jawline Contouring procedure, it's quite easy to change a face from square to sharply defined facial features. 

Chin implants and jawline implants, AKA mentoplasty are other options that the individual needs to go under plastic surgery. These treatments use prostheses to augment and improve the shape of the chin and lower jaw. 

There is a high possibility that Demet Ozdemir has had dermal fillers injected into her jawline. Jawline contouring is performed by dermal filler injections to involve reshaping or slimming the jawline. 

Demet Ozdemir's Jawline Contouring

When we take a look at Demet Ozdemir's before and after photos, we see that by years her jawline has changed.

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