What Awaits You After Rhinoplasty?


By Emel Gerdaneri • Medical review by Samil Yazgan, MD

What Awaits You After Rhinoplasty?

The Most Comprehensive Post Rhinoplasty File

nsoeYou have had the rhinoplasty that you have been thinking about for years and you can't wait to see the results, we are very aware of it.
Unfortunately, although the surgery is completed within 2-3 hours, it takes time to get the final result and to get through the recovery period.
During this time, the most important step you can take to speed things up and make sure everything goes smoothly is to strictly follow the post-rhinoplasty care instructions given to you by your surgeon and his team.
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If you do everything right, you will witness the change month by month after rhinoplasty.
Considering that everyone has a different metabolism, almost everyone has a different anatomy, and the applied rhinoplasty techniques also differ, the recovery process after rhinoplasty will also be different.

Month to Month Change After Rhinoplasty

month to month change after rhinoplastyThe recovery period after rhinoplasty is approximately one to two years. This may sound like a long time, but if we break it down into a timeline, it will become clearer.
After reminding that you can see the changes in the face after rhinoplasty, and the recovery milestones may vary from patient to patient, we would like to present you in a general timeline:
1st week after rhinoplasty: If you have a splint or tampon on your nose, it can be removed and you can go out in public without showing any obvious signs of surgery unless there is a bruise around the eyes. It will be safer to continue your daily life activities by being protected.
2nd week after rhinoplasty: Most of the swelling on the face has gone down and most of the bruises have started to pass.
3-4 weeks after rhinoplasty: You can return to cardiovascular activities such as running, swimming and cycling with the approval of your doctor.
1 month after rhinoplasty: The fusion of the bones after rhinoplasty started at this stage. With your doctor's approval, you can continue resistance training such as weight lifting and blowing your nose.
Complaints such as swelling on the back of the nose after rhinoplasty and nasal tip swelling after rhinoplasty are mostly observed in this period.
3-6 months after rhinoplasty: The numbness and abnormal feeling in your nose and nose skin starts to go away.
1 year after rhinoplasty: After rhinoplasty, the nose takes its shape and the healing process is completed. The swelling has completely subsided and the nose has transitioned to its new shape. You can look at your before and after rhinoplasty photos and evaluate them.
Now let's take a look at the problems and solutions after rhinoplasty, respectively:

Problems and Solutions After Rhinoplasty

problems and solutions after rhinoplastyYou may have read dozens of web articles about what should be considered after rhinoplasty, how to do a massage after rhinoplasty, specialist TV, post rhinoplasty women's club, and even Tuvana Türkay before and after rhinoplasty.
Please calm down, nothing compares to the information you will receive from your plastic surgeon.
Your doctor should inform you about when to take them, especially the medications after rhinoplasty, how to care for the surgical area to prevent infection after rhinoplasty, and when to go to your post-consultation.
Even at this stage, we know that you look at the photos of celebrities before and after rhinoplasty and look forward to the final result of your nose, which has not yet healed. But if there's any problem you're having first, it's best to focus on its solution.

When Does Nose Take Its Full Shape After Rhinoplasty?

Facial changes after rhinoplasty can often be uncomfortable. You may suffer from this situation in the first month. It will take 1 year for the face to settle and take its full shape gradually. 

What Can I Do for Edema and Swelling Problems After Rhinoplasty? And When Does The Nose Selling Finish After Rhinoplasty?

rhinoplastyThe first intervention for nasal swelling after plastic surgery will be done in the hospital. You will find the answer to your question of how to get rid of edema after rhinoplasty in the care instructions given by your doctor.
Using cold compresses for the first 72 hours after surgery can help reduce swelling, unless your doctor tells you otherwise.
Just be careful not to apply the compress directly to your nose. Instead, apply it to your cheeks to avoid accidentally slipping any bone or cartilage.
This also benefits the problem of swelling on the cheeks after rhinoplasty. Edema after rhinoplasty is temporary, it is important to be patient.

Is Smoking Harmful After Rhinoplasty?

It is important that you do not smoke before and after the surgery and, if possible, avoid secondhand smoke. The nicotine in tobacco products limits blood flow.
It makes it harder for your cud to heal itself and interferes with your recovery. Think of it as an occasion to let go.

When Does Breathing Improve After Rhinoplasty?

breathingThe breathing problem after rhinoplasty is related to the congestion you feel.

After the surgery, you may experience some congestion for a few weeks, maybe even a few months, and even the opposite, a discharge after rhinoplasty. This sensation is caused by swollen nasal tissues.
Resist the urge to blow your nose. During the post-esthetic nose cleaning phase, talk to your doctor about using a saline nasal spray to gently moisten your nasal passages until the swelling subsides.
You can continue to blow your nose 6 weeks after the operation.
Since the nostrils will be closed or half-closed for a while after rhinoplasty, breathing problems may make it difficult to fall asleep, but you should rest.
Rest is a vital part of the healing process. Your body uses energy to heal itself, and a solid seven or eight hours of sleep each night gives your body time to recover that energy.

Is Sneezing Harmful After Rhinoplasty?

sneezYes, it can do harm. Instead, try to sneeze through your mouth instead of your nose. It sounds bad, but it's better than damaging your fragile nasal passages and slowing your rhinoplasty recovery time.
Another reason for sneezing is intranasal crusting after rhinoplasty. A few weeks after the operation, you may notice some crusting, swelling, protrusions or irregularities inside your nostrils.
Do not clean after rhinoplasty. These are completely normal and will gradually resolve on their own. Do not try to remove them on your own, you may damage the tissue.

Is It Right To Sleep On Your Side After Rhinoplasty?

sleepLying on your side after rhinoplasty is wrong. Lying on your side after rhinoplasty is not only uncomfortable, it can also prolong your recovery time as it may cause additional bruising and swelling.
Even scarier, it can dislocate your nose. To avoid this, it is recommended to keep your head elevated at night for 6 weeks after surgery.
One of the easiest ways to do this is to put your head on two or three pillows, or to use post rhinoplasty pillows.
If you have a tendency to turn around a lot, you can hold your head in place by wrapping it around with a travel pillow or rolled up towel.

Sleeping on a slanted sofa can also be a good option. After rhinoplasty, the sleeping position should be on the back for a while in this state.

What Can I Do for Swelling After Rhinoplasty?

showerIt would be more accurate to look at what should not be done rather than the to-do list for swelling after rhinoplasty.

After rhinoplasty, the tip of the nose looks like a ball, which disturbs most patients visually and they want to solve this problem as soon as possible.
Steam showers, bowls of hot soup and relaxing saunas, yes we know, feel good, but they're not so good for your swollen nose.
Heat causes the tissues in your nose to swell even more, so it's best to follow a diet of cold and room temperature foods, take warm showers, and stay away from heat in the weeks after rhinoplasty.
Nasal tip swelling and crookedness after rhinoplasty is also the most correct move to be made during the recovery period by avoiding heat.

When Can I Do Exercise After Rhinoplasty?

exerciseIn most patients, it takes about 6 weeks for the nasal bones to heal after surgery. You should avoid strenuous exercise during this time.

Even seemingly harmless movements such as stretching, lifting, or bending can increase nasal swelling.
Wait for your doctor to give you the green light to resume normal activity before you start returning to your exercise routine.

How Long After Rhinoplasty Until I Can Wear Glasses?

wear glassesSunglasses, reading glasses, prescription glasses… Anything that puts pressure on your nose as it heals can cause additional bruising, swelling, or even indentations that will require revision rhinoplasty.
Your surgeon will advise you on when it is safe to start wearing glasses again. It is often recommended after 3 months. After approval, use the lightest possible frames and install only when you need them.

When Does the Nasal Tip Lift Decrease After Rhinoplasty?

nasal tipThe reason why my nose is said to be very upturned after rhinoplasty is also edema. Up to 1 month, most of the swellings on the cheeks and lips are resolved, the nose tip is lifted, its shape and position become much more natural.
The swelling of the tip of the nose will continue until 3.5, its upturn will decrease at the same rate.

Does The Crookedness Go Away After Rhinoplasty?

crookednessAsymmetry in the wings of the nose after rhinoplasty, my nose after rhinoplasty
Those who say it is crooked should definitely talk to their doctor who performed the surgery.
In the same way, a decision is made after the doctor's examination on the arch formation after rhinoplasty and even the bone problem that can be felt after rhinoplasty.
Although it is not very noticeable during the front view after rhinoplasty, nasal tip drooping after rhinoplasty and crookedness after rhinoplasty can be a sign of a problem.
Because curvature or asymmetry in the nose after primary rhinoplasty, even nasal drooping and nasal collapse after aesthetics can be evidence of asymmetric healing.
Post-operative scarring is unpredictable and scar tissue can form unevenly, causing your nose to appear crooked.
After the decision is made, filler treatment or secondary rhinoplasty can be performed after rhinoplasty.

When Does Nasal Tip Stiffness Go After Rhinoplasty?

nasal tip stiffnessNasal tip stiffness after rhinoplasty is usually caused by swelling of the nasal tissue. This is a normal part of the healing process that continues throughout your recovery period.
Stiffness of the nasal tip may also be a sign that scar tissue is present or that cartilage grafts have been used to reconstruct the nose.
In the months immediately after the surgery, edema, that is, swelling caused by the fluid under the skin, is the most common cause of stiffness.

However, the scar tissue that forms does not heal as quickly and can cause a long-term, even permanent, feeling of stiffness.
Although this is often thought of as bone swelling after rhinoplasty, it is caused by the reasons we have listed above.

Should I Massage After Rhinoplasty?

massageIn general, it is recommended not to massage your nose after rhinoplasty, as vigorous rubbing or manipulation, especially in the first few weeks, can burst a delicate suture and disrupt the corrections made or affect the result.
However, most of the time after the surgery, there is swelling along the side wall of the nose and at the tip of the nose.
When your doctor recommends you a massage, he will also show you how to do the nasal massage at the same time.

But it is worth emphasizing again, that the massage after rhinoplasty should definitely be done after the advice and direction of the doctor.

When Will The Bruises Go Away After Rhinoplasty? How Do Under-Eye Bruises Go After Rhinoplasty?

after rhinoplastyAfter rhinoplasty, it is common for the blood vessels around the nasal structure to deteriorate along the orbit of the eye, thus creating bruises under the eyes.
Bruises can be observed not only in custody, but also in surrounding tissues. It will begin to disintegrate within 7-10 days after the operation.

Cold ice compresses can be applied to the cheeks to make it pass more quickly, and heat should be avoided.

When Is Makeup Done After Rhinoplasty?

make upAfter rhinoplasty, you should avoid applying pressure to your nose for at least two weeks. However, once your splint or tampon is removed, you can start applying make-up to the rest of your face, except for your nose.
Considering that the nasal bones start to boil after 1 month, you can apply make-up on the whole face after an average of 1 month.

It is possible to get inspired by looking at the video options of how to do massage after rhinoplasty.

What Should Be Considered After Rhinoplasty?

vitamin cDo not say that eating vegetables has nothing to do with rhinoplasty, because it actually has a lot to do with it. A balanced diet after surgery can help speed your recovery by giving your body the nutrients it needs to heal itself.
Protein is the basic building block of skin, muscle, cartilage and blood. A diet of nuts, meat, eggs, yogurt, fish, and other products, protein-rich foods will help rebuild damaged tissue in and around your nose.
Also, have plenty of vitamins in your diet, namely vitamin A and vitamin C. Often found in dark green leafy vegetables like spinach and kale, vitamin A is a great immune booster. It can help you fight the infection situation after possible rhinoplasty.
Vitamin C plays an important role in regenerating collagen, the protein that binds your skin tissue together. Good sources of vitamin C are citrus fruits, Brussels sprouts and broccoli.
Protecting your skin from the sun is always a good idea, but this is especially important after rhinoplasty.
In the weeks and months following the operation, not only is your nose more prone to sunburn, but too much sun can also cause the scar to darken and increase swelling.
Above all, be patient. You'll get better, but it takes time. Following the steps above does not turn a one-year recovery period into a one-week recovery period, we know extremely well.
It does not matter whether it is after piezo rhinoplasty or after arched rhinoplasty, it does not matter whether it is after all the recovery. It will certainly help speed things up.

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