What is Rhinoplasty Without Nasal Packing?


By Derya Kilinc • Medical review by Tayfun Demirel, MD

What is Rhinoplasty Without Nasal Packing, What are the Advantages?

It is a fact that the rhinoplasty operation has experienced an increasing momentum in the last few years.

10 years ago, while nasal packing, which left their mark on a period, were used; Thanks to the developing technology, nasal packings are not used nowadays.
checking appointment after rhinoplastyPreviously, nasal packings were used for rhinoplasty, with a length of almost 1 meter and three in each nostril.

Installing, transporting, and finally removing these packings was a very laborious and painful process.

Nasal packing that causes infection and odor when left longer than necessary, harden over time and stick to clots and bleed while being removed, are now a thing of the past.

Rhinoplasty without nasal packing, which is a very easy and effortless procedure, is at the forefront.

Otorhinolaryngology Specialist Tayfun Demirel MD says the following about rhinoplasty without nasal packing operation:

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Dr. Tayfun Demirel; “Nasal packings, which is the fearful dream of patients in nose job operations, is now a thing of the past.

Thanks to rhinoplasty without nasal packing operations, patients do not feel pain, recover quickly, and can return to their routine life after the operation.”

If you are considering getting your nose done and you have reservations about packing, you can have the nose of your dreams with a rhinoplasty without nasal packing.

So, what is a rhinoplasty without nasal packing? Is it possible to have nasal packing-free nose surgery? We've searched for useful information to answer you about this and more.

What is Rhinoplasty Without Nasal Packing?

rhinoplasty without tampon
Rhinoplasty is reshaping the nose and treating it in terms of function.

After this operation, nasal packings were placed in the nostrils. Now, thanks to the stitches placed in the nose during the operation, there is no need for nasal packing and it is a more comfortable process for the patients.

For this reason, painless rhinoplasty without nasal packing encourages those who want to have this surgery.

When rhinoplasty is performed without nasal packing, patients can breathe easily, no pressure is felt in the ear during eating and drinking, no pain is experienced, and the recovery process is accelerated after the surgery.

You have been thinking about having rhinoplasty for many years, but if you are afraid of having a  nasal packing rhinoplasty and cannot decide, we are sure that you will decide after reading it.

Because with rhinoplasty without nasal packing, you can achieve an aesthetic appearance by experiencing the easy and painless process you dream of.

What are the Prices of Rhinoplasty Without Nasal Packing?

price of rhinoplasty
Rhinoplasty prices vary according to the operation to be applied to the patient.

Rhinoplasty without nasal packing, one of the most preferred treatments of recent times, is applied worldwide and offers price ranges that appeal to every budget.

You can also choose the treatments of rhinoplasty without nasal packing in order to capture the golden ratio on your face and look more aesthetic in the photos and make your beauty perfect.

How is Rhinoplasty Without Nasal Packing Performed?

tamponsuz burun ameliyatı
Rhinoplasty is being reshaped with the developments in the field of technology and methods such as rhinoplasty without nasal packing is starting to become popular.

People who dream of having rhinoplasty and want to experience this process more easily by using methods such as follow-up rhinoplasty feel psychologically ready for the operation when they learn that it is a practical and painless application.

With rhinoplasty without nasal packing, a surgical cut is applied to the nasal bone and structural shape changes are arranged.

In nose job performed with the help of laser, thick nasal skin can be thinned with this laser.

With this operation, the thick layer of the skin is peeled off and the resulting damage is minimized. Thus, the healing process takes a shorter time.

What Should Be Considered Before and After Rhinoplasty Without Nasal Packing?

rhinoplasty before and after photo
Nasal pad is an apparatus used to control postoperative nose bleeds.

As we mentioned before, if the patient has had a rhinoplasty without nasal packing, it has been predicted that this operation will be suitable for the patient and that the patient will not have any possible bleeding.

Before and after rhinoplasty without nasal packing, there is no issue that the patient should pay special attention to.

Just like in classical rhinoplasty, the before and after instructions that must be done and followed are valid.

Who is Suitable For Rhinoplasty Without Nasal Packing?

burun estetiği
Rhinoplasty without nasal packing can be applied to anyone who is over the age of 18, does not have health problems that prevent surgery, and is deemed appropriate in the doctor's consultation.

It is not recommended for people who have bleeding and coagulation problems and have uncontrolled diabetes.

Written on 15/01/2021


Last Update: 22/06/2022

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