See What Patients Prefer Most After Plastic Surgery

Written by Emel Gerdaneri.

See What Patients Prefer Most After Plastic Surgery

You get into a car with tinted windows and are taken to the secret service entrance of the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills.

You take a private elevator, then step behind a curtain, and finally go unnoticed into a suite with stunning city views.

No, it's not a celebrity who did it, not a reclusive tech billionaire. Only wealthy plastic surgery patients…

A company called Prestige Surgical Aftercare arranges all this for you. They reserve your hotel room, provide care with nurses 24/7, and consult your surgeon about your post-treatment care, which may include pain medication.

The Kardashians are Our Customers

Kardashian“If you're spending an insane amount of money on plastic surgery, there's a great way to treat yourself on the other end, and that's us,” the firm says, taking care of patients during their aftercare process.

There are Kardashians among those who receive this service, which includes nurses and caregivers.

Endora Capri Jones, Nursing Director of Prestige Surgical Aftercare, said, “We have actors, producers, musicians in our client portfolio and they are leaving very happy.”

Written on 13/05/2022


Last Update: 13/05/2022

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