Prevention of Emergence Agitation with Ketamine in Rhinoplasty

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Written by Emel Gerdaneri.

Prevention of Emergence Agitation with Ketamine in Rhinoplasty

Agitation, i.e. restlessness, disorientation, and inconsolable crying crises that occur after rhinoplasty are common complications that disturb the patient.

According to a study, the use of ketamine is very effective in preventing this condition.

Ketamine Is An Old Drug

ketaminKetamine is an old drug used in the fifties, but has only recently been reintroduced. This renaissance owes in part to new studies showing the positive effects of medication on mental health.

In fact, the FDA has recently approved its use in a prescription nasal spray to treat severe depression.

Ketamine, which is also available in infusions and lozenge-style doses for some treatment-resistant cases of mental illness such as depression and PTSD in the US, now shows that this may lead to less opioid dependence in post-operative patients.

It is most commonly administered as part of the typical cocktail of multi-sedative anesthesia, before or during certain surgeries to help patients detach their minds from the body and their pain for a calmer experience.

It Has Advantages In The Healing Process

after rinoplastyIt has been shown to be particularly helpful in recent years, both during cosmetic procedures and during the healing process.

A recent study, which we mentioned at the beginning, shows that ketamine is highly effective in reducing agitation after rhinoplasty.

After rhinoplasty, when patients are awakened with their noses in a plaster cast, patients may attempt to remove their bandages at that stage when they have not yet fully recovered from the effects of anesthesia.

Meanwhile, ways to orally or chemically calm patients and bring them into a state of awareness are being sought.

Studies have shown that ketamine is beneficial when used in the right dosage for this. It's also said to potentially make breathing less strained during face-centered surgery.

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Written on 20/01/2022


Last Update: 04/07/2022

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