The Big Change of Zuhal Topal with Rhinoplasty...

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Written by Bahar Ozbal.

The Big Change of Zuhal Topal with Rhinoplasty…

According to the news in Gazete Vatan, the presenter Zuhal Topal, who could not agree with any channel in the new season, had rhinoplasty.
Zuhal Topal
Server-actress Zuhal Topal celebrated her 41st birthday at The Arkın Colony Hotel. Zuhal Topal, who performed a duet with her musician husband Korhan Saygıner, drew attention to the difference in her face. It was learned that the player had a rhinoplasty.
Stating that she did not say yes to any channel for the new season, the presenter announced that she received offers for daytime, series and game shows, but was unstable.

Written on 28/09/2017


Last Update: 17/08/2023

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