Is Rhinoplasty Possible Without Breaking It?


By Emel Gerdaneri • Medical review by Serhat Tuncer, MD

Can Rhinoplasty Be Done Without Breaking The Nose?

It may be possible to change the nose structure without breaking the nasal bones. If we consider that rhinoplasty operation, in short, means the reorganization of the complex structure under the nasal skin, the operation can be performed without breaking the nose that does not require intervention to the bone.

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How Is Rhinoplasty Surgery Performed Without Breaking It?

noseRhinoplasty surgeries without breaking can be applied to correct the following problems:

  • Removal or reduction of the nasal arch at a certain rate

  • Nose tip lift or nasal tip surgery

  • Nose tip reduction

  • Functional surgeries such as septoplasty, concha reduction with radiofrequency, nasal valve surgeries

Medical instruments used to break the nasal bone are not used in nasal surgery without breaking, which can be performed in cases of all these above-mentioned problems.

Apart from that, classical rhinoplasty is applied. Since the nasal bone is not broken during the operation, the change in facial expression will be minimal when the patient is viewed from the front.

How Much Are the Prices of Rhinoplasty Without Breaking?

rhinoplasty priceRhinoplasty prices without breaking are cheaper than traditional rhinoplasty due to the shorter operation time and the use of less material during the operation. You can see the prices of rhinoplasty here.

What are the Advantages of Rhinoplasty without Breaking it?

advantages of rhinoplastyThere are many advantages of rhinoplasty without breaking for suitable patients:

  • Since the nasal bone is not broken, there is no collapse or displacement of the nasal bone.

  • After the operation, the expression of the patient's face does not change much when viewed from the front.

  • Since the nasal bone is not broken, the formation of bruises under the eyes and on the face is much less after the operation, and sometimes only edema occurs.

  • Healing is much faster as the nasal bone is not broken.

  • Since the nasal bone is not broken, the use of glasses can be started earlier.

  • Complication and risk rate is generally less than rhinoplasty performed by breaking the nasal bone.

  • Since the operation time will be less, the amount of anesthesia given to the patient will be less.

What is the Rhinoplasty Recovery Process Without Breaking?

rhinoplasty recoveryThe healing process of rhinoplasty without breaking is different from the classical rhinoplasty. Since the nasal bone is not intervened by breaking it, the healing process is shorter.

Bruising or edema occurs less frequently. Getting the final result is also quicker.

Who Can Have Rhinoplasty Without Breaking It?

rhinoplasty without breaking itRhinoplasty without breaking bones is especially ideal for noses with the following features:

  • Those with a certain percentage of nasal arches

  • Not very flat noses

  • Those whose nasal bones are not wide

As we mentioned above, this technique is suitable for selected patients. 

Rhinoplasty Without Breaking Other Details

nose jobIn this operation, the reduction in the nasal arch is limited and if you have a very arched nose, when you look from the side, a sufficient amount of arch reduction cannot be made. Therefore, it is not a suitable technique for arched noses on its own.

In patients with very thin nasal bone, the upper anterior region of the nasal bone can be removed without breaking the bone by shaving very little.

Written on 16/09/2021


Last Update: 18/08/2023

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