"Allowing the patient a reshaping of the gaze and smile, I'm creating an identitiary beauty"

Written by Emel Gerdaneri.

Newlyme Interview: Dr. Matheus Arantes  

Dr. Arantes, It is a pleasure to communicate with you. Here are the 3 short questions:
Dr. Arantes

Speaker Allergan. Member of International Academy of Cosmetic Dermatology and European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology. Writer of Facial Harmonisation.

“I consider some rules to achieve excellent results: having a refined aesthetic sense, understanding the patient's real expectation, guiding him correctly, mastering the proposed treatment technique and using the highest quality and safety materials on the market. In addition to constantly investing in research and technology.”

1- What is Facial Harmonization?

Hi Emel, you are welcome! Facial Harmonization is a set of Cosmetic Medicine ​techniques used to create balance between facial structures,​ in such a way as to transmit the message the patient wants to convey to the world.

In my Facial Harmonization Functional Beauty technique, besides re-structuring the face, I also improve facial functions, allowing the patient a reshaping of the gaze and smile, not merely correcting flaws of assymmetries, but also creating an "identitiary beauty" .

I create structure and light with hyaluronic acid, and through the analysis of light and shadow on my patients, I work on the opening of the gaze and positioning of the (supercilious - eyebrow arch area) with the use of Botox. Following that, I create a negative contrast remodeling fat pads with microfocused ultrasound. Each procedure is planned individually and the main goal is the functional gain and expressiveness of the face.  

2- Everyone seems to have an opinion on fillers, but further discussion often reveals huge gaps in the knowledge surrounding them. For instance, "face fillers" might make you automatically think of overblown lip injections. In actuality, there are at least nine common spots on your face that can be injected with fillers. Can you tell us these spots?

MatheusThe filler is injected into NINE strategic lifting points in the face:

  • Malar, zigomatic arch
  • Jawline
  • Mento (mentolabial fold, nasolabial fold)
  • Lips
  • The area around the eyes
  • Forehead, temples
  • Nose 
  • Nasojugal grooves, Anteromedial cheek.
  • The upper lip area

Some of these areas are responsible for giving structure to the face, and also lifting it.

The malar,  zigoma, jawline e mento are areas that give structure and also lift the face.This is the starting point for  Functional Beauty treatment.

3We know you come to Turkey several times. Do you have any feedback on the facial anatomy of Turkish women? And what would be your biggest suggestion for their skin? 

Dr. Mathius ArantesAs for the anatomy and skin-type of Turkish women´s faces - and men´s, too -  I cannot generalize on such a delicate matter.

Turkey is a country formed by a mixture of different peoples throughout History. That has resulted in a varitey of strong, beautiful, unique faces and features.

Each person has their own anatomy, people age differently, and each one has a unique type of skin. We all are a unique combination of factors.

That´s why I empathize that the correct perception of a patient´s Beauty and the treatment done to enhance or highlight it must be individualized.

Cosmetic medicine takes many factors into account. My treatments don´t follow a recipe. I look into the patient´s individual needs. 

In my clinic, we start with a careful physical (rational) and emotional evaluation of each patient. The whole process is conducted by a team of highly trained beauty specialists able to understand a patient´s personal, unique needs and expectations. A

ny person, whatever their skin type or colour,  who undergoes a Functional Beauty treatment offers a "New Beauty" to the World. That´s our ultimate goal.

And I am certainly looking forward to getting to know more about my Turkish friends and clients at Clinica M. A. in Sao Paulo!

Written on 11/12/2020


Last Update: 07/04/2022

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