How Is Liposuction Performed?


By Hulya Alkan • Medical review by Guray Yesiladali, MD

How Is Liposuction Performed?

The process of removing fat accumulated in certain parts of the body vacuum with cannulas withdrawal method is called liposuction. These regional fats are usually in the abdomen, hips, thighs, and face.

With liposuction, fats that cannot be melted with sports and diet are removed from the body, regional thinning is performed and the body is shaped.
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Even if patients receive general anesthesia, they are often allowed to go home on the evening of surgery. Plastic surgeons provide some instructions to the patient before liposuction.

These are important for the comfort of the operation and afterward.

Classic Liposuction

classic liposuctionThe classical liposuction procedure is a surgical procedure performed by incisions on the body. Before the fat removal operation is performed, the fats to be shaped on the patient's body are determined and marked by the surgeon.

Since liposuction is a surgical procedure, anesthesia is applied to the patient. After anesthesia, a liquid solution is injected into the area.

Thanks to this, bleeding and pain in the area are minimized. In addition, this liquid solution hardens the skin, making it easier to cut the skin.

Then, a small incision is made in the skin and a cannula connected to the vacuum machine is inserted into this incision. The cannula is moved to break down and absorb the fat in the body.

Thus, excess blood is also drained. After surgery, the surgeon may choose to leave the incision open to prevent excessive edema and to drain excess fluid.

After the liposuction process is finished, the incision is stitched and the treated area is tightly wrapped with a bandage.

If general anesthesia is applied to the patient during liposuction surgery and too much fat is removed from the body at one time, the patient may need to stay in the hospital overnight.

However, if local anesthesia is used, the patient is discharged a few hours after the operation is over.

Laser Assisted Liposuction (LAL)

laser liposuctionWhen liposuction is performed with laser, better results can be obtained compared to the classical liposuction procedure.

After the liquid is injected into the area where regional thinning is targeted, the fat is softened with laser beams. Thus, it will be much easier to remove the fat from the body.

A small incision is made in the relevant area and the fat is withdrawn from the body. After the procedure is completed, laser beams can be used again to tighten the skin.

Ultrasonic (Vaser) Liposuction

vaser liposucitonIn the ultrasonic liposuction process, sound waves are used to soften the fats and to be more easily extracted from the body.

Thus, the fat becomes liquid and the liposuction process becomes easier. As adipose tissue is liquefied; Problems such as surface irregularities and skin fluctuations, which are frequently encountered in liposuction and other liposuction procedures, do not occur.

Also; Fat cells liquefied with the technique applied in this procedure can be used as filling material in different parts of the body that are deemed necessary.

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