Birce Akalay: A Beautiful And Talented Woman With A Crown

Birce Akalay, one of the most spoken Turkish women in the country, is famous for her roles and beauty. She is a ...

Birce Akalay, one of the most spoken Turkish women in the country, is famous for her roles and beauty. She is a Bachelor of Drama.

She has played several roles in movies and on different TV shows. She has 2,5 million followers on Instagram, and her fans love to watch her on-screen.


Before her acting career, she worked as a reporter on TV for two main national channels. After that, she took part in different projects. Among these projects, the movie "Nefes: Vatan Sağolsun" was the most exceptional production that featured her name on the cast list.

Popular TV shows that she recently performed are Babil and Son Yaz. She has received many awards from independent festivals and juries.

She also played in different commercials. With all her talent and beauty registered by Miss Turkey, she is the subject of an argument:

Is Her Beauty Natural or Enhanced?


Many social platforms and national newspapers claim that Birce Akalay has changed a lot in the years. In their opinion, this remarkable change didn't come naturally, but with some help. 

In the before and after photos they publish, her eyebrows, cheeks, and lips seem to have the most dramatic change. Her eyebrows look thicker in her recent pictures.

Her lips and cheeks look more different as well. Most of her fans believe that she may have lip fillers and a Hollywood cheek on her face.

Some social media users think she also had fillers on her chin. She doesn't have the same look she had years ago, but who has? 

Twenty Years Challenge From Birce Akalay 


Many people have been discussing the beauty of Birce Akalay, with her aesthetics becoming a hot topic even among well-known social media personalities.

The 38-year-old actress had not addressed her appearance until two years ago. In 2020, she refuted any claims of having undergone cosmetic procedures by sharing a photo of herself in her twenties.

The photo was taken during her attendance at Miss Europe in Paris, and she added an ironic caption stating that all rumors regarding her aesthetics were unfounded.

Following her statement, it would be unjust to continue speculating about any potential cosmetic procedures she may have had. It's noteworthy that photo quality advancements may enhance our natural beauty as technology progresses!



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