Hair Transplant Breaks a Record, Bioxcin Increases Its Exports

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Written by Selin Sezgin.

Hair Transplant Breaks a Record, Bioxcin Increases Its Exports

The number of people who came to Turkey to have a hair transplant in 2020, the year spent with education, exceeded 650 thousand, and the turnover exceeded 1 billion 950 million dollars.

Meanwhile, products that reduce hair loss, strengthen hair and, contribute to new hair growth keep drawing attraction.
bioxcin laboratuvarıIn this field, the Bioxcin brand, produced within Biota Laboratories, which was established in 2002 with completely domestic capital, stands out. The company currently exports to 65 countries and breaks sales records with the Bioxcin brand.

Turkey Is Becoming A Leader in Hair Transplantation After 10 Years of Success

türkiyede saç ekimiOur country continues to increase its market share in health tourism every year. It is on its way to becoming a world leader, especially in hair transplantation, in the last 10 years.

According to 2019 data, more than 500 thousand people came for hair transplants in our country that year, and a turnover of 1 billion 494 million dollars was obtained from them.

In 2020, despite the pandemic conditions, this number exceeded 650 thousand and the turnover exceeded 1 billion 950 million dollars.

In the survey conducted with dermatologists in Turkey, which has a good place in the field of hair transplantation and hair loss treatment, Bioxcin was the most trusted brand after hair transplantation.

According to the independent research conducted by the research company Akademetre; Bioxcin was the choice of 90 dermatologists out of 100 who recommended products to strengthen the roots added after the healing of the scalp.

In the study conducted between August 16 and September 29, Bioxcin far outstripped its competitors.

Breaking Sales Record Since 2005

cihat dündarCihat Dundar, Chairman of Biota Laboratories; “Bioxcin is among our most established brands under the roof of Biota.

Bioxcin, which we created after our intensive R&D studies and tests in 2005, is the leader of the pharmacy market in our country with its natural active ingredients, price accessibility, and real and effective benefits it provides.

In addition, we export our products to many countries. We were not surprised but proud that Bioxcin was the most trusted and recommended brand by dermatologists in the said survey.

From now on, we will continue to be the brand that dermatologists and our consumers with hair problems trust the most.

We will continue to develop our natural and innovative product range.”

Bioxcin Exports on the Rise As Well

bioxcin ihracatıCihat Dundar said that the most valuable advantage of the product exported to 65 countries, is the advice of a doctor;

“Our most important stakeholder is doctors. Because, as in all our products, the active ingredient is very important in Bioxcin. Our natural and effective content gives very good results in protecting the existing hair and preventing it from falling out and making the hair thicker after hair transplantation.

This achievement is also appreciated by dermatologists. This success also increases our exports.”

According to the data obtained from dermatologists in the independent research, the highlights of Bioxcin were as follows:

  • The majority of dermatologists recommend the Bioxcin brand in the shampoo category that reduces hair loss, strengthens hair, or affects new hair growth after transplantation.

  • Dermatologists state that the product used after hair transplantation reduces hair loss.

  • 96% of dermatologists say that Bioxcin strengthens hair after hair transplantation.

  • Experts state that Bioxcin shampoo effectively helps thicken hair strands, strengthen the scalp, and form new hair after transplantation.

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Written on 03/11/2021


Last Update: 04/07/2022

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