Dr. Sevgi Ekiyor "The Most Important Factor That Motivates Me To Become A Woman Entrepreneur is Creating Employment Opportunities."

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By Emel Gerdaneri • Medical review by Sevgi Ekiyor, MD

Dr. Sevgi Ekiyor "The Most Important Factor That Motivates Me To Become A Woman Entrepreneur is Creating Employment Opportunities."

On the occasion of 8 March International Women's Day, Klass Magazine, which is about successful women in their profession, Physician Sevgi Ekiyor was over there.

In Klass Magazine, "An exemplary physician and business woman with the clinic she established at a young age, the success she achieved in the methods she applied with an understanding of holistic health, her e-commerce site and her helpful personality. We congratulate Sevgi Ekiyor as the Newlyme family.

There is Beauty at Home

beauty at homePhysician Dr. Sevgi Ekiyor is also the founder and owner of the www.evdeguzellik.com e-commerce website 'There is Beauty at Home', which includes information on healthy life and beauty as well as the slogan of "Beauty journey from clinic to home", which contains care products of many brands. 

We talked to Dr. Sevgi Ekiyor about women's entrepreneurship:
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“Although 52% of the population, that is, half of the population, is women only in Europe; 34.4% of female employees and 30% of start-up entrepreneurs are women.

In our country, this situation is much less common. Women entrepreneurs need to be supported, encouraged and most importantly more. Women entrepreneurs can be defined as a woman or a group of women who start, organize and run a business.

Women entrepreneurs are women who think about a business venture, start it, organize and combine factors of production, run the business and take risks and deal with the economic uncertainty involved in the business.

Of course, this situation is not easy in our country.

They Can Not Find a Job In The Market

sad womanThe entry of women in the business world is a relatively new phenomenon. Due to the fragmentation of the common family system and the need for additional income to maintain their living standards in the face of inflation or rising prices, women began to enter the competitive world of work.

Another driving force that pushes women to enter the business world is the desire to achieve high success in their lives. Nowadays, even though women are educated, they cannot find a job in the market or go out of their home to work elsewhere due to family problems.

Therefore, a woman does these things with the desire to achieve something high and valuable and to prove herself as an entity, not a responsibility to the family.

I think this is the strongest motivating force for a woman to become an entrepreneur ...

The Growing Interest in Women's Economic Conditions

woman's economic conditionsThe growing interest in women's economic conditions through governments and non-governmental organizations, self-employment and business initiatives has also begun to encourage them.

Women, like men, want their power to contribute to the economic development of their country. They have already entered other fields such as politics, education, social sphere, administration.

The most important factor that motivates me to be a woman entrepreneur is creating employment opportunities.

I aim to create these employment opportunities and, most importantly, to inspire other women with my Sevgi Ekiyor clinic in Nisantasi and the website evguzellik.com, which has received a lot of attention despite being a baby.

We sell products that I use, like and recommend at homegüzellik.com. We have a range of products such as sunscreens, hair and body care products, supplements, face care products, creams, tonics, washing gels, peels and masks.

It delivers the best products to the end user. All the products exhibited here are doctor recommended products, they can be used easily and can be purchased safely. "

Written on 10/03/2021


Last Update: 08/06/2022

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