Cosmetic Surgery Marketing Trends 2022 - 2

Written by Emel Gerdaneri.

Cosmetic Surgery Marketing Trends 2022 - 2 

Cosmetic surgery marketing trends We continue where we left off in our 2022 summer. Click to read the 1st part of our article.

Cosmetic Surgery Procedure Has Big Increases in Google Searches

googleThe last four years have seen an increase in searches for nearly every major cosmetic surgery procedure. We have seen that these trends accelerate even during the pandemic process and reach their peak in July and August of 2020.

These two months were sometime between the first wave and the second wave of the pandemic, during which time there were some requests that were probably suppressed, and eventually, when the quarantine was over, people rushed to plastic treatments.

These increases in monthly cosmetic surgery searches mean only one thing: Plastic surgery practice must be supported through Google Ads and SEO because there is great competition…

No one knows exactly why the demand for plastic surgery is increasing, but there are a number of theories explaining this trend:

Zoom Boom Theory

zoom"Zoom Boom" is the most common theory. We can call it the theory of people seeing themselves on Zoom in meetings, examining them in terms of aesthetics and noticing the places they are not satisfied with and getting help from aesthetic treatments.

We don't know exactly how true this is because the biggest increase in searches was for Brazilian Butt Lift, an invisible body part.

Whatever the cause though, there have been huge increases in searches for nearly all procedures during the pandemic.

Rhinoplasty Trends

rhinoplastySearches for rhinoplasty were already quite high before the pandemic. Monthly averages increased from approximately 40 thousand-60 thousand to 70 thousand-90 thousand in 2019.

It saw an almost instant increase to around 110k monthly searches throughout 2021.

Face Lift Trends

face liftThere has been an upward trend in monthly “facelift” searches over the past four years, which continued during the pandemic.

A monthly increase of around 18,000 in 2017 peaked at around 30,000 during the pandemic, and fell once again to pre-pandemic numbers in September 2021.

Brazilian Butt Lift Trends

BBLThe larger increase was seen in monthly searches of all listed procedures.

Before the pandemic, monthly searches for Brazilian Butt Lift were about 40,000 searches per month; September 2021, 118k, up almost 300%.

Butt Implant Trends

butt implantIt has seen a 50% increase in monthly searches for butt implants during the pandemic, with that increase falling to levels seen in late 2017 around September 2020.

It turns out that just like in BBL, people have a general desire to develop that part of their body.

Liposuction Search Trends

LiposucitonIn 2019, 2020 and 2021, searches for liposuction increased slightly higher.

But despite the reported weight gains many people have experienced during the pandemic, searches for liposuction have not risen as dramatically as other procedures.

Tummy Tuck Search Trends

tummy tuckTummy tuck searches peaked in the summer of 2020, nearly doubled, and increased by nearly 50% from pre-pandemic levels throughout 2021.

Breast Augmentation Trends

breast augmentationThe pandemic saw a 50% increase in breast implant searches, quickly returning to pre-pandemic levels by mid-2020.

Written on 31/08/2022


Last Update: 03/11/2023

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